“Rising Gold Prices Affect Local Companies”

– September 30, 2010

“In financial circles, analysts credit the rising price of gold to an unlikely duo: investors seeking shelter and central bankers from India, Bangladesh and other developing countries. Both are wary of a falling dollar. It starts with low interest rate …


Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History

– September 29, 2010

“Nobel Prize-winner Milton Friedman — dubbed ‘the Oliver Stone of economists’ by the Chicago Tribune — makes clear once and for all that no one, from the local corner merchant to the Wall Street banker to the president of the United States, is immune …


“Gold Miners Gain on Fed’s Latest Views”

– September 23, 2010

“Miners such as Newmont (NEM) and Silver Wheaton (SLW) galloped to new highs on Wednesday, as gold prices reached another new peak in the wake of the Fed’s latest comments. The Federal Reserve on Tuesday indicated that it was prepared to pump fresh cas …


Devaluing the Dollar

– September 21, 2010

“The historical episodes of hyperinflation that we know of consisted of rapidly falling money demand alongside rapidly rising money supply. In general terms, what tends to happen is that after many years of persistently high monetary inflation, people …


“Gold Prices Rise Ahead of Fed”

– September 20, 2010

“Gold prices were continuing their climb to $1,300 an ounce as investors bet on the Federal Reserve announcing another round of quantitative easing on Tuesday. If the Fed decides to buy more government bonds and expand the size of its balance sheet, it …


Why Gold? — Cato Journal

– September 16, 2010

By Alan Reynolds — Alternative monetary systems cannot be evaluated in isolation, but only in comparison with other arrangements. The question “why gold?” thus divides into two other questions. The first is “compared to what?” The second is “why not?” …


The Reserve-Currency Curse — WSJ

– September 16, 2010

By John D. Mueller POLITICAL ECONOMY The Wall Street Journal   Publication Date: September 4, 1986 Since 1971 the world has suffered two great inflations and three recessions. Hopes for a world-wide economic expansion have been interrupted once again, …


The Gold Standard: The Case for Another Look — WSJ

– September 15, 2010

By SEAN FIELER AND JEFFREY BELL Washington’s elites are quietly preparing a post-election fiscal compromise that will fund much of President Barack Obama’s domestic spending agenda with huge tax increases. They aim to create a value-added tax and will …


“Burry of ‘The Big Short’ Bets on Farmland, Gold After Profits on Subprime”

– September 7, 2010

“Gold is also a favored investment as central banks issue debt and devalue their currencies, he said. Governments haven’t adequately addressed the causes of the financial crisis and may be sowing the seeds for future problems by borrowing, he said. In …


“Fed Economic Outlook Sends Investors to Gold”

– August 11, 2010

“The Fed’s commitment to maintaining liquidity and its deteriorating growth outlook are broadly speaking bullish for gold,” said Standard Bank analyst Leon Westgate. Gold is often seen as a stronger store of value than equities and other commodities in …


“Gold Is Steady Ahead of Fed”

– August 9, 2010

“Spot gold was mostly flat early Monday in a quiet start to the week, as market participants await the Federal Reserve meeting Tuesday. Analysts said they expected the Fed’s comments this week to indirectly boost gold.” Read more. “Gold Is Steady Ahead …


“The Gold Standard: A Principled Case”

– July 20, 2010

“In recent months, we have witnessed fierce arguments between, on the one side, those who defend the current system of “fiat money,” in which, as John Maynard Keynes stated, money “is created and issued by the State, but is not convertible by law into …