Good piece by Bell and Danker on Forbes

– January 11, 2011

“Would-be reformers have tried to devise solutions designed in large part to avoid including gold, but none have caught fire or shown themselves to be as transparent and simple as the gold standard. The only real debate is between paper money and gold- …


“Fed Policy, Emerging Market Inflation Keep Gold’s Buzz in 2011” – Forbes

– January 6, 2011

“Another source of demand could be central banks. The IMF’s sales quota will run its course and possible sellers like the German Bundesbank and the Swiss National Bank have said they have no intention of unloading bullion, HSBC says. Meanwhile, Asian c …


“Inflation and Interest Rate Trends Look Positively for Gold in 2011”

– December 28, 2010

“Gold prices generally rise during times of actual or projected inflation because of gold’s traditional status as a “safe haven” asset. Gold buyers seeking an asset which reacts favorable to inflation or currency devaluation often move from the falling …


A Guide to Sound Money

– December 7, 2010

A Guide to Sound Money The Atlas Economic Research Foundation is proud to introduce A Guide to Sound Money. Click here to download a PDF of the guide This pocket guide, co-published byAtlasFreedomWorks, offers a concise, powerful introduction to Sound …


“Domestic Inflation Versus International Solvency” – Gary North

– December 2, 2010

“The nation which indulges itself with an inflationary “boom” inev itably faces the economic conse quences: either runaway inflation or a serious recession-depression. If the inflation should cease, unem ployment will increase, and the earlier forecast …


A Return to the Gold Standard? – Richard Ebeling

– November 11, 2010

“Monetary central planning has worked no better than any other form of central planning over the last one hundred years. The world’s central bankers – just like the central planners in the old Soviet Union – just do not have the knowledge, wisdom and a …


“Fear of Currency War Grows as US Dollar’s Value Falls”

– October 27, 2010

“Is this a currency war or what?… In Washington, where a “strong dollar” has been the mantra for years, policymakers are taking steps that could make the already weak dollar weaker still… The dollar’s decline is being driven by what everyone in glo …


“China Hides Rampant Inflation in Money Binge”

– October 21, 2010

“When money is created at a faster rate than real economic growth, the result is inflation. Yet so far this year, China’s official statistics show consumer inflation at barely over 3 percent. Those figures have many economists scratching their heads, w …


“Managed Money” – Alan Reynolds

– October 21, 2010

“Hypothetical monetary systems always look better than actual experience. Economists therefore view their responsibility as deciding what characteristics money ought to have, then imposing that money on the public. The same economists presumably would …


“100 Percent Reserve Money: The Small Change Challenge” – George Selgin

– October 20, 2010

“In a free market economy from which fiduciary media are excluded, economic progress will be limited, perhaps severely, by the high cost and correspondingly limited supply of small-denomination money—money that is needed to accomplish retail and other …


Currency Chaos: Where Do We Go From Here? – Judy Shelton

– October 16, 2010

‘The most important initiative you could take to improve the world economy would be to stabilize the dollar-euro rate.’Global monetary relations are in disarray. Exchange rates fluctuate wildly among the world’s major trade partners, spawning talk of p …


“It’s Time for a 21st Century Gold Standard”

– October 11, 2010

“No monetary system, including gold, is perfect. But the evidence is that the gold standard is a recipe for lower-than-predicted federal interest rates (quelling the coming fiscal crisis); lower corporate bond rates (jobs); and lower mortgage rates (re …