“Gold and Money” – Warren Gibson

– March 2, 2011

“Nothing seems to arouse passions—pro and con—quite like suggestions that gold should once again play a role in our money. “Only gold is money,” says one side. “It’s a barbarous relic,” says the other. Let’s turn down the heat a bit and look into some …


“Currency Wars Lose to Inflation Making Emerging Markets Winners” – BW

– February 28, 2011

“As recently as last month, governments of emerging economies from South Africa to Brazil warned that competitive devaluations might be needed to keep their strengthening currencies from stifling economic growth. Now, talk of currency controls is being …


“Dollar’s Fall Rocks Far-Flung Families” – WSJ

– February 25, 2011

“The world’s currencies are gyrating, but the strains are being felt beyond financial capitals and corporate boardrooms. Millions of families in developing countries rely on relatives sending dollars, euros and other weakened currencies from abroad to …


“Let Them Eat Chips” – O’Driscoll

– February 25, 2011

“Unfortunately for defenders of Fed policy, today’s paper is filled with stories of rising inflation. In Singapore, consumer price inflation is running at 5.5%. In Vietnam, consumer price inflation is running at over 12%. There are food riots in India. …


“Gold May Rise as European Sovereign-Debt Crisis Spurs Demand for a Haven”

– January 12, 2011

“Gold, little changed in London, may rise after a member of theFederal Reserve said the bank could pare back stimulus measures and Europe’s governments wrestled with the sovereign-debt crisis, boosting demand for a haven. Federal Reserve Bank of Philad …


Good piece by Bell and Danker on Forbes

– January 11, 2011

“Would-be reformers have tried to devise solutions designed in large part to avoid including gold, but none have caught fire or shown themselves to be as transparent and simple as the gold standard. The only real debate is between paper money and gold- …


“Fed Policy, Emerging Market Inflation Keep Gold’s Buzz in 2011” – Forbes

– January 6, 2011

“Another source of demand could be central banks. The IMF’s sales quota will run its course and possible sellers like the German Bundesbank and the Swiss National Bank have said they have no intention of unloading bullion, HSBC says. Meanwhile, Asian c …


“Inflation and Interest Rate Trends Look Positively for Gold in 2011”

– December 28, 2010

“Gold prices generally rise during times of actual or projected inflation because of gold’s traditional status as a “safe haven” asset. Gold buyers seeking an asset which reacts favorable to inflation or currency devaluation often move from the falling …


A Guide to Sound Money

– December 7, 2010

A Guide to Sound Money The Atlas Economic Research Foundation is proud to introduce A Guide to Sound Money. Click here to download a PDF of the guide This pocket guide, co-published byAtlasFreedomWorks, offers a concise, powerful introduction to Sound …


“Domestic Inflation Versus International Solvency” – Gary North

– December 2, 2010

“The nation which indulges itself with an inflationary “boom” inev itably faces the economic conse quences: either runaway inflation or a serious recession-depression. If the inflation should cease, unem ployment will increase, and the earlier forecast …


A Return to the Gold Standard? – Richard Ebeling

– November 11, 2010

“Monetary central planning has worked no better than any other form of central planning over the last one hundred years. The world’s central bankers – just like the central planners in the old Soviet Union – just do not have the knowledge, wisdom and a …


“Fear of Currency War Grows as US Dollar’s Value Falls”

– October 27, 2010

“Is this a currency war or what?… In Washington, where a “strong dollar” has been the mantra for years, policymakers are taking steps that could make the already weak dollar weaker still… The dollar’s decline is being driven by what everyone in glo …