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Academic Lies about Free-Market Economists

– September 23, 2023

“They treat history as ‘an armoury from which to ransack politically expedient weapons.’ In the process of that ransacking, they cross the line into willful misrepresentations of their source material, all in the service of a modern-day political cause. ” ~Phillip W. Magness


A Noted Physician Advocates COVID Civil Disobedience 

– September 22, 2023

“Even without cronyism showing the way, ineffective and dangerous drugs are not uncommon in the annals of medicine.” ~Barry Brownstein


Nothing Was “Normal” on the Other Side of the Wall

– September 19, 2023

“Nothing was ‘normal’ about the totalitarian life in socialist GDR, if by ‘normal’ we mean pursuit of human happiness and fulfilment.” ~Robertas Bakula and Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero


Orwell Exposed the Cowardice of Journalists and Intellectuals 

– September 15, 2023

“Orwell warned, ‘It is the literary and scientific intelligentsia, the very people who ought to be the guardians of liberty, who are beginning to despise it.’” ~Barry Brownstein


Needed: More People to Keep Asking Why

– September 13, 2023

“If you pay attention to public policy, you have probably come up with your own list of ‘not asked, much less answered’ questions that stick with you.” ~ Gary Galles


Utopia and Parallels of History

– September 11, 2023

“History is full of instructive examples that reveal the conditions that allow for both human flourishing and those that end catastrophically.” ~ Emile Phaneuf III


Peter Turchin’s ‘End Times,’ A Review

– September 10, 2023

“Turchin’s model does appear to shed some light on the ‘elite-vs-deplorable’ dynamic playing out in our national drama.” ~ Thaddeus Meadows and Mike Ryall


Confusing Liberty with Power 

– September 9, 2023

“The oldest and fullest sense of liberty means freedom from coercion – that is, freedom to act according to your own plans and goals rather than according to someone else’s.” ~ Paul Mueller


A Book to Remind Us of the Evils of Socialism

– September 3, 2023

“Americans who have read that they’re quite good (the Cuban regime still gets mostly favorable press) will be dismayed to read that living conditions are in fact bad and getting worse.” ~ George Leef


Hayek Helps Us Understand Why People Are Losing Their Minds

– September 2, 2023

“Today, the extended order is breaking down. As order breaks down, so do our powers of reason. Many are willing to be taught to have disgust for those outside their tribe.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Locked Down: What Do We Really Need Collective Action For?

– August 30, 2023

“Locke’s view, reflected in our Founding documents, is that preserving our freedoms requires one type of collective action: the preservation of our rights. No more. Actions beyond that benefit some at the expense of others.” ~ Gary M. Galles


What Is the New Deal with the New Deal?

– August 29, 2023

“The tide of historiographical battle may finally turn and with it many old canards about the culpability of the gold standard, stock shorting, greed, and so forth in the downturn.” ~ Robert E. Wright