Paul Heyne and the Trouble with Economists

– December 23, 2021

“Economics is often a morality-free zone, and Paul Heyne shows why this is a mistake. In many ways, Heyne can be read as a plea to return to the oft-forgotten first half of Adam Smith.” ~ Nikolai G. Wenzel


The Federal Republic vs. Crony Capitalism

– December 22, 2021

“Taylor believed the economic liberty and virtue of the independent farmer flourished only in a decentralized, republican, and constitutional order. Congress’s rhetoric of the glories gained from governmental intervention threatened that order.” ~ Aaron N. Coleman


The Tragic and Needless Destruction of Raj Rajaratnam, Price-Giver Extraordinaire

– December 20, 2021

“For doing right Raj Rajaratnam spent time in prison. He should never have been charged. Please read this essential book to see why, and please tell friends about it. The lunacy surrounding markets and information must stop.” ~ John Tamny


How Do the Feds Get Away with That?

– December 12, 2021

“Purchasing Submission is a brilliant lawyerly attack on a grave and ongoing problem. Hamburger’s thoughtful analysis will no doubt help future litigants prepare their strongest cases against it.” ~ George Leef


Fixing Food: An FDA Insider Unravels the Myths and the Solutions

– December 1, 2021

“It’s time to readjust our perspectives on food and our misconceptions about the FDA. Just because one approach worked in 1906 for addressing different problems doesn’t mean that those same approaches will work today.” ~ Richard A. Williams


The Long Cycles in Markets and Political Order

– November 30, 2021

“I found Dalio’s thesis much more persuasive than I had anticipated: some historical patterns are real, wave-like, and operate over long horizons. With skill, data, and humility, we can uncover the likely prospects for our own times.” ~ Joakim Book


The Stories from a Decentralized Short Squeeze

– November 15, 2021

“Millions were made, billions lost, revenge realized and dreams shattered. The GameStop saga is both disturbing for what it reveals about a society’s divides and the market structure that made it possible.” ~ Joakim Book


Book Review: George Melloan’s ‘Bogus Science’

– November 8, 2021

“George Melloan’s Bogus Science should loom large in changing the terms of the ‘global warming’ discussion to far more reasonable ones.” ~ John Tamny


The Terrible Baby Boomers

– November 1, 2021

“If you want a careful, well-researched, and nuanced description of today’s generational conflicts, look beyond Andrews. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something entertaining, give Andrews a look.” ~ Joakim Book


Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America

– October 31, 2021

“The America of the 2020s seems to Murray uncomfortably like the America of the 1850s, with rising tensions that erupted into our terrible bloodletting in 1861. Just as the political leaders then failed to foresee the coming tragedy, so do ours today.” ~ George Leef


A Clear and Nuanced View on Generational Conflict

– October 29, 2021

“Duffy is the first to admit that there are differences between the generations, but upon closer scrutiny many of them fall apart. Many stereotypes of our generations require both nuance and honest qualifications.” ~ Joakim Book


We at 100: The Case for Liberty

– October 27, 2021

“Yet Zamyatin leaves readers with hope, as valuable now as it was in 1921. As I-330 says, there is no final number, so ‘how can there be a final revolution? There is no final one. The number of revolutions is infinite.’ Even when liberty seems most at risk, it is never truly lost.” ~ Caroline Breashears