We Must Choose: Liberty or Lockdown

– September 23, 2020

“So let’s stop pretending that our policies have been rational and need to be phased out, as if they once had a purpose. They should have been reversed summarily in March and acknowledged to be a mistake, perpetrated by statisticians with erroneous computer models. Instead we were subject to six months of hell, all beautifully documented by Tucker.” ~ George Gilder


Liberty or Lockdown

– September 22, 2020

“The virus will vanish from the public mind as viruses do: inauspiciously as our clever immune systems incorporate its properties into our internal resistance codes. But we will have another struggle facing us in the years ahead concerning what precisely we are going to tolerate from our state officials and how much of a priority we are going to place on retaining our rights and liberties. This choice is something we must all face in our own lives, and then work to see instantiated in the legal structures of societies we hope can maintain their freedom.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

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Coronavirus and the Perils of Disease Modeling

– August 28, 2020

“Computer models and simulations have fed fear and enlivened tyranny. Many millions of people in the real world continue to suffer and, indeed, die under pandemic policies wrought by the output of iteratively-run code.” ~ Peter C. Earle


The Power of “No”

– August 27, 2020

“Once we abandon a false and failed zero-sum worldview and realize just how much abundance is available for everyone, we will embrace winning friends, influencing people, and recognizing others’ right to say ‘no’ to any offer.” ~ Art Carden


Review of Steven Horwitz, Austrian Economics: An Introduction

– August 18, 2020

“Austrian Economics: An Introduction is a very useful and accessible summary of what we know about this simple but powerful paradigm. Teachers and students alike would benefit from consulting it.” ~ Art Carden


In Praise of Evasive Entrepreneurs

– July 24, 2020

“Evasive Entrepreneurs is a welcome contribution that provides great insights into the regulatory process and the need to protect permissionless innovation. For Thierer, innovation matters because it feeds the engine of economic growth and plays a key role in expanding liberty. But, as he concludes, ‘we will only attain that goal by vociferously defending the freedom to innovate and the entrepreneurial spirit that propels the progress of our civilization.'” ~ Wayne T. Brough

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The Indispensability of Economics

– July 23, 2020

“When we see the potential of freely interacting individuals, economic understanding becomes necessarily built on hope. Hope about innovation, mutual agreement, peace, and prosperity. When people are left to their own devices and the rulers of society are held accountable, this is what results.” ~ Ethan Yang


The Essential Joseph Schumpeter: An Easy and Accessible Introduction to an Important and Complex Thinker

– July 14, 2020

“Joseph Alois Schumpeter made enduring and important contributions that have stood and will continue to stand the test of time. The Essential Schumpeter is a useful introduction to the man and his ideas, and both the text and the accompanying videos will serve students, instructors, and interested lay people very well.” ~ Art Carden

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David Goodhart’s Road to Somewhere

– July 13, 2020

“Goodhart frequently emphasizes that the trends in opinion that he reports are not figments of his imagination, but real opinions held by real people. That much seems accurate, and as a description of British political beliefs, his book makes useful contributions. He has failed to show why the fact that some people are convinced by hollow and harmful ideas make them valid, coherent, defensible, legitimate, or respectable. Some things just don’t hold up, no matter your tribe.” ~ Joakim Book

Entrepreneurship and the Human Experience

Entrepreneurship and the Human Experience

– July 9, 2020

“Economics should not be viewed as a clean and sterile science that seeks to chart the world with equations. Rather it should seek to understand the oftentimes chaotic and messy nature of the market driven by the grit and wit of entrepreneurs.” ~ Ethan Yang

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HG Wells on the Partnership Between Viruses and Humans

– July 8, 2020

“Let not the billions before us, who battled nature not only with their hands and minds but their immune systems, genetic variations, and other evolutionary adaptations, have lived in vain.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Rothbard’s Challenging History of the Revolutionary War and the Constitution

– July 7, 2020

“In short, one does not have to share Rothbard’s opinion about the undesirability of the Constitution to find his interpretation of what actually happened illuminating. Whether you think that the Constitution was a mistake, that it was a good idea, or that it didn’t do enough to empower government, you will still encounter reliable, engaging, and challenging history in the fifth volume of Conceived in Liberty.” ~ Jeffrey Rogers Hummel