Carl Icahn’s Creative Destruction

– March 31, 2022

“Carl Icahn is a tour-de-force, relentlessly propelling creative destruction over his nearly 60-year career. Creative destruction is sometimes painful but ultimately good, and activist investors like Icahn should be celebrated rather than maligned.” ~ David Waugh


Oakeshott’s Countercultural Education

– March 26, 2022

“For Oakeshott, liberal education was always an adventure, never a duty or a burden. His insights are essential reading for anyone who desires to preserve and rejuvenate this most important adventure.” ~ Elizabeth Corey


A Reader’s Guide to Newspeak 2022

– March 25, 2022

“To master the Newspeak of 2022, you must subsume yourself within the collective. You must reject ‘oldthink’ and the ‘kind of trash’ that advocates individual rights.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Whoopi, Maus, and 80 Years of American Jewry

– March 24, 2022

“It is now they, not Jews, who must take to heart the phrase ‘Never Again.’ My Gentile friends should ask themselves: If it comes to it, when the mobs come, will I take in and protect my Jewish friends?” ~ Daniel Asia


After the Romanovs: A Review

– March 15, 2022

“Read Rappaport’s excellent book to develop a better sense of why they did what they did, and what became of the people who helped shape the Russia of old. What a story.” ~ John Tamny


Like Carter, unlike Coolidge

– March 12, 2022

“It is time we looked past the obscurity and calumny that has been thrown over Coolidge’s record and ideas so that we can rediscover his wisdom. In doing so, the vast shortcomings of the Biden administration become even clearer.” ~ Gary M. Galles


If Bernard Mandeville Is Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld Is Adam Smith

– March 9, 2022

“The relationship between Seinfeld and David has received more ink and attention than the one between Mandeville and Smith. That said, we would not have had a ‘Seinfeld’ without a Larry David. Would we have had a Smith without a Mandeville?” ~ Garret Edwards


Tolkien’s Nuanced View of Government

– March 8, 2022

“Tolkien admitted late in life–after serving in the infantry in WWI, anxiously seeing his son fly for the Royal Air Forces in WWII, witnessing the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and watching the rise of communism–that he had almost become an anarchist.” ~ Henry T. Edmondson III


Newsweek Discovers Black Conservatives

– March 6, 2022

“Conservatives honor their heritage, but when they look in the mirror they see a person, not a black person or a white person. But how does this work when you’re the only black person in a group?” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Beauty Transcends Outrage

– March 3, 2022

“Strength of emotion cannot by itself justify moral outrage. We have a duty not to offend others without good reason, but we also have a duty not to be offended by others without good reason.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple


Discovering Masculinity in a Woke World

– March 2, 2022

“The White Lotus, a new HBO series, throws bright sunlight on the dark mores of America’s elite. In the show, a debased, solitary, fake masculinity is transformed into one rooted in friendship forged by shared undertaking.” ~ Natalie Taylor


American Law Schools: Becoming More and More Dysfunctional

– February 27, 2022

“From law school professors to the ABA, the legal profession in this country is actively promoting leftist ideology. This will only further inflame radical law students and eventually undermine the neutrality of the judiciary.” ~ George Leef