Settling a loved one’s estate is no easy task, and for most executors, the task of settling an estate is learned the hard way: on the job during a time of grief.

The Executor’s Roadmap, a new book from the American Institute for Economic Research, and part of our Smart Decisions series, will help. This step-by-step guide makes it easy to understand the role from the start. Whether you are communicating with heirs, managing assets, or navigating the probate system, The Executor’s Roadmap demystifies the challenge of honoring a loved one’s final wishes.

From Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg, the author of The Executor’s Roadmap:

“At the beginning of my research for this book, I asked this question of a number of people who had settled their loved ones’ estates. Invariably, they sighed and said their best training came from plunging in and making mistakes along the way. Once they completed the job, they felt they could capably do it again. Of course, not many of us need to, or—let’s admit it—would want to serve as an executor more than once.
In this book, we wanted to make it easier for you to understand the basics of the role from the start. Our goal was to explain in plain terms what tasks you need to accomplish, what challenges might lay ahead, and how and when to lean on professionals for help in an effort to avoid mistakes.” For a free digital copy, please fill out the form below. Hard copy (print) versions may be purchased from our bookstore or by calling 888-528-1216.