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Research Associate

Micha is a full-time Research Associate at the American Institute for Economic Research, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in International Relations and National Security through Curtin University.

She has previously completed a double degree in Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) and Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) also at Curtin. She was an active member of the student community throughout her undergraduate studies as Secretary of the Curtin Wall Street Club and participant in Curtin Business School Wesfarmer’s High Achievers Program.

During her studies she participated in numerous extra-curriculars, including interning in the International Trade and Investment division at the West Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is a Mannkal Foundation scholar alum, who has previously been awarded fully-funded scholarships to participate in the Mannkal’s Leadership Development Program (Washington DC) as well as an advanced industry placement at the American Institute for Economic Research. Prior to that, Mannkal also sponsored her to attend the University of Hong Kong’s 2018 Asia Institute for Political Economy summer school, organised by George Mason University and the Fund for American Studies, as well as several conferences within Australia.

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