Research Reports - 12/02/1963

The untimely death of President Kennedy is a grim reminder of the uncertainties of life, and the continual necessity for individuals as well as nations to be ready to adapt to new conditions and changing circumstances.

When a national leader of Mr. Kennedy's stature passes on and a new leader takes his place, even if the new man is of the same political party and has diligently sought to further the plans and attain the objectives of his pre- decessor, the course of events inevitably will change. To some extent at least, that course is certain to be re- directed from what it otherwise would have been, if for no other reason than differences in the temperaments and personalities of the two individuals.

Few people expect from President Johnson any sudden or marked digressions from President Kennedy's plans and intentions. This was borne out, soon after the assas- sination, in the remarks of competent reporters and news analysts and in the headlines of newspapers; for example, "New Chief Seen Keeping Kennedy Policies," and "John- son Record Points to Continuity of Policy." 

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