– December 16, 2010

Evaluating Retirement Communities
Moving to a continuing-care facility presents financial risks. Asking a few key questions can minimize the downside.
by Kerry A. Lynch, Senior Fellow

Deficit Reduction, Anyone?
The longer the country waits to stabilize its fiscal imbalances, the higher the costs become. But the fragile recovery is not the only reason Congress is delaying reform.
by Polina Vlasenko, PhD, Research Fellow

Modern Portfolio Theory, Part Four: The Asset Allocation Decision
Investment choices should be based on realistic forecasts of the risk-return trade-off and the investor’s personal preferences about how much risk to undertake.
by Donald R. Chambers

Ask The Expert: College Deductions
Students are borrowing more money than ever before to pay for college and are finding other ways to provide their own funding.
Kevin T. McGrath, CPA, is a tax partner with BST Advisors, LLC.


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