The New Health Care Law

Research Reports - 04/05/2010

The New Health Care Law
The government’s massive expansion of coverage brings with it unanswered questions about cost control and quality of care. A look at existing programs suggests some unsettling answers.
by Kerry A. Lynch, Senior Fellow

Business Cycle Conditions - April 2010
The leaders continue to signal recovery. But some changes in base data point to persistent difficulties. In the meantime, Washington tries to influence the tides with a jobs bill.
by Polina Vlasenko, Research Fellow

Why IRAs Are Not for Everybody
As a rule, IRAs should be considered only after the investor has contributed the maximum allowed to a 401(k).
by Jeff Brown, Research Associate

Ask the Expert: Planning for Change
Disclaimers can provide a useful tool for flexible estate planning.
by Attorney Steven J.J. Weisman

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