The British Elections

Research Reports - 02/27/1950

The last report on the British elections as this bulletin went to press indicated that the Labor party had succeed- ed in holding a majority in Parliament; but the margin was so small that there is some question whetherthe Labor party can proceed with i t s socialistic program; and there is talk of new elections within the year. However, even if the Conservatives had gained a majority, we doubt that present socialistic tendencies would have been reversed, because the Conservative party promised to retain most of the socialistic program already adopted.

In our discussion of the European Recovery Program 2 years ago we said, "Continuing the aid to Great Britain apparently will enable the present government to remain in power longer and push its socialistic program much further along than it probably would otherwise get in the near future."

Obviously. American aid has prevented the failures of Great Britain's socialistic schemes from becoming more painfully apparent to all of the British people. Therefore, the fact that the British Labor party was not overthrown by a decisive majority of the voters must be regarded as one of the fundamental failures of the European Recovery Plan. Aid to Britain has helped to conceal the deficiencies of a political party and program based on principles the direct opposite of those we are seeking to strengthen throughout the world. 

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