Book Review Supplement

Research Reports - 09/25/1950

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

Five Lectures on Economic Problems by George J. Stigler

Economic History of the Unites States (2nd ed.) by Chester W. Wright

Soviet Economic Development Since 1917 by Maurice Dobb

A Concise Economic History of Britain by Sir John Clapham

Economic History of the USSR by S. S. Balzak, V. F.  Vasuvtin, and YA. G. Feigin

On the Accuracy of Economic Observations by Oskar Morgenstern

Studies in Income and Wealth by Morris A. Copeland, et al.

Graphic Presentation Simplified by R. R. Lutz

The ABC of the Federal Reserve System by Edwin Walter Kemmerer and Donald L. Kemmerer

Fundamentals of Investment Banking sponsored by Investment Bankers Association of America

Case Problems in Finance by Pearson Hunt and Charles M. Williams

An Outline of Corporation Finance by Gilbert Harold

Investments (2nd ed)  by George W. Dowrie and Douglas R. Fuller

Real Estate Principles (2nd ed)  by Henry E. Hoagland

Prentice-Hall Corporation Course

Corporate Organization and Management by Maurice H. Robinson

Preparation adn Certification of Financial Statements by B. Bernard Greidinger

Practical Financial Statement Analysis by Roy A. Foulke

Automotive Transportation by Wilfred Owen

Railroads of America by Frank P. Donovan

Air Transportation and Traffic Management by Thomas Wolfe

American Transportation in Prosperity and Depression by Thor Hultgren

The Social and  Economic Significance of Land Tenure in the Southwestern States by Harold Hoffsommer

Industrial Psychology by Thomas Willard Harrell


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