Business Cycle Conditions

December Business Conditions Monthly As 2014 drew to a close, American Institute for Economic... Read More

Positive Outlook Amid Global Headwinds Recent data show that steady growth of the U.S. economy continues. Read More

Fiscal Policy Drag Diminishing The Great Recession of 2008-2009 will be remembered for its...  Read More

Momentum in Manufacturing With the economy back on a growth path and equity markets... Read More

Outlook for Profit paddings Nineteen sixty four was also the last time that U.S. profit... Read More

Gas Prices Not a Risk to Growth Gas prices' 15 percent jump in six months may be painful... Read More

Capital Spending Outlook Upbeat An improving economy and favorable... Read More

Inflation Reports

Inflation Outlook Remains Stable In September, the headline Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased...  Read More

Oil Prices Neutralize Inflation Falling oil prices have served to offset price increases elsewhere...  Read More

Slight Price Pressures Visible The unemployment rate, average duration of unemployment, and long-term...  Read More

Use Forecasts for Trends Only Inflation forecasts have tended to capture the general direction...  Read More

Spending Habits Shape Inflation The price changes felt by individuals vary depending on...  Read More

Strong Dollar Dampens Inflation A strong dollar helps hold down the prices of imported...  Read More

Everyday Price Index

Lower Energy Prices Offset Higher Food Prices The Everyday Price Index (EPI) decreased 1.0 percent in December...  Read More

Energy Prices Move Lower The Everyday Price Index (EPI) decreased 1.2 percent in November.  Read More

Energy Prices Continue to Pull Down EPI The Everyday Price Index (EPI) decreased 1.0 percent...  Read More

Everyday Prices Slow in September For the third straight month the price of all grades of gasoline...  Read More

Higher Food Prices Offset by Lower Energy Prices The Everyday Price Index (EPI) decreased 0.5...  Read More

Food Prices Increase in July but Energy Prices Decrease The Everyday Price Index (EPI)...  Read More

Everyday Prices Increase in June The EPI assumes a larger share of household budgets...  Read More

Everyday Prices Increase In May Looking back over the past 12 months the EPI increased...  Read More

Research Studies

Rethinking Retirement Guidelines The retirement landscape has undergone a seismic shift.  Read More

The Changing Nature of Recessions In the years leading up to December 2007, there was a growing...  Read More

COLA to Exceed 2014 Increase Social Security checks will increase slightly starting in January 2015... Read More

H-1B Visas: No impact on Wages  When it comes to the debate over wages in the tech and finance industries... Read More

From Savings to Income: Retirement Drawdown Strategies There is no single winning...  Read More

Understanding the Affordable Care Act This AIER Research Brief describes how the Affordable Care Act...  Read More