How to Invest in Gold

Edited by Emmanuel Sessegnon

“In the midst of this bureaucratic nightmare, Harwood founded the American Institute for Economic Research to fight back and reassert economic truth. Founded on the principles of civil liberty and free markets, AIER has strongly advocated for economic freedom across the board. Harwood protested the federal government’s efforts at central planning so strongly that they attempted to censor him multiple times. The government failed, and Harwood’s brilliant economic critiques continued.” ~Emmanuel Sessegnon

Though the gold standard was abandoned in the 1970s, gold continues to be a good strategy for most investors. It is an enduring form of money without peer. Above all, it has served as a store of value during financial crises when conventional financial assets have plummeted in value.

How to Invest in Gold provides an orientation-based on essential but not exhaustive knowledge about the gold industry and its history. It is a practical guide to owning and investing in gold; a commodity with tremendous value.

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