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US Charges Against Facebook Threaten Social-Media Economic Model (Video)

– April 8, 2019

The Trump administration has filed a lawsuit against Facebook with the claim that the company is guilty of redlining. At issue are the tools that allow advertisers to target ads. The problem is that this attack fundamentally threatens the economic model that makes social media work. 


Why Uber’s Business Model May Not Be Viable

– April 1, 2019

The sharing economy, fueled by the internet’s capacity to match small buyers and sellers, looks like a revolutionary business model. But for this model to be sustained, there must be a reliable source of long-term profits.

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Fed Reverses Course on Rates (Video)

– March 20, 2019

What it means that the Fed has decided to stop rate hikes. 

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Edward C. Harwood: A Biographical Sketch in Film

– March 20, 2019

Edward C. Harwood (1900-1980) is one of the 20th century’s most eloquent and effective voices for economic science, sound money, and market freedom. This is the story of his life and work.

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Is the American Economy Underperforming or Not?

– March 16, 2019

Edward Stringham on Fox News comments on the growth rates of the American economy and the factors that go into causing it. 

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No One Ever Paid Those High Tax Rates

– March 12, 2019

It’s a myth that the rich paid 90% or even 70%. Let’s take a closer look.

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The Socialist Way Means Poverty (Video)

– January 27, 2019

Edward Stringham on Fox Business, commenting on the new popularity of socialist economics. 

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Tariffs are Unwelcome Taxes on American Businesses and Consumers

– January 19, 2019

Edward P. Stringham on BBC’s “Talking Business” — Jan. 18, 2019  

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Edward Stringham on Fed Policy (Video)

– January 2, 2019

The Federal Reserve raises interest rates despite pressure from President Trump. Watch AIER President Edward Stringham discussing the Fed decision on Fox Business.  

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What’s Next for the Fed? (Video)

– December 19, 2018

Edward Stringham appeared on Yahoo Finance ahead of major rate decisions by the Fed

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What Can Special Economic Zones Do for Us? (Video)

– November 26, 2018

Sven Schütt is a visiting scholar at AIER and a MA student in the PPE program at Cevro, specializing in Austrian Economics and behavioral policy making. He is writing his MA thesis on Special Economic Zones and how they can help our nation’s wealth.


George Gilder at AIER: Life After Google (Full Video)

– October 22, 2018

George Gilder’s recent book might be his biggest seller yet, and this is after a career of rocking both the intellectual and political worlds with visionary works that have anticipated and then defined the technological and policy trends of the times. His book is Life After Google, and its focus is on the rise of decentralization in what he called the Cyrptocon. He explains why the tech giant’s business model may not work in the future and how the cryptocon will provide a replacement.