Marx vs. Mises Video: Text and Commentary

– October 18, 2019

Here you will find the full English text of the now-famous film, complete with explanatory videos with interviews from experts.

Mises vs. Marx - The March of History

Watch Mises vs. Marx: The March of History

– October 16, 2019

Extremely pleased to announce the release of “The March of History,” a musical a project of the American Institute for Economic Research three years in the making.

Protectionism Is Like a Gas Leak in Your Home

Protectionism Is Like a Gas Leak in Your Home (Video)

– September 20, 2019

I’m personally grateful to the research done by the scholars at AIER, without which I would not be prepared to speak about the Fed’s actions in the repo market or the new OECD report downgrading global growth prospects. It’s a wonderful team.


The Problem of Millennial Socialism (Video)

– September 18, 2019

Two recent surveys’ reporting that more than half of millennials identify as socialist should ring alarm bells for people who support free markets and individual liberty.


Ride-Sharing Troubles are Both Regulatory and Structural (Video)

– September 11, 2019

Margins are already thin in this exciting and innovative industry. Imposing more regulations could be ruinous.

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The Market Is a Vessel for Delivering Love (Video)

– August 29, 2019

I was honored to be interviewed by Matt Kibbe of Free the People for his podcast and video series, based on my new book The Market Loves You: Why You Should Love It Back (AIER, 2019). 

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The Deeply Misguided Attack on Huawei

– August 13, 2019

Chinese tech giant Huawei is rapidly ascending to become a leading brand for global telecommunication strategies and innovation, transforming its competitive landscape. But not everyone sees Huawei as a friendly competitor.

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Rate Cuts Coming But Why? Stringham on Yahoo (Video)

– July 31, 2019

Edward Stringham speaks on Yahoo Finance on the strange timing of the Fed’s interest rate moves. 

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Wages for Men and Women Soccer Players Explained (Video)

– July 31, 2019

The US women’s national team have claimed their second consecutive World Cup. Exciting fans with a brilliant run throughout the season. Unfortunately, the celebration of female accomplishment cannot exist without being shadowed by the fake gender war politics of the current year.


Mises, Marx, and the High Art of a Rap Video

– July 29, 2019

The proper framing of the terms of the debate is a remarkable achievement that fundamentally upsets the current political narrative. That’s what this video achieves.

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Speak Not of Trade Deficits But Goods Surpluses (Video)

– July 12, 2019

Edward Stringham addresses the trade war and the mistaken notion of the trade deficit, speaking on BBC. 

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The Fed Reverses Course (Video with Edward Stringham)

– July 11, 2019

The Federal Reserve is preparing to cut interest rates for the first time in a decade because it sees a cooling global economy and no sign of overheating in the jobs market at home. AIER President Edward Stringham joins Bloomberg to give his insight.