The Charge of Treason and the Danger to Democracy

– January 6, 2021

“The surest recipe for curtailing political vitriol is to reduce political power so elections will no longer be demolition derbies that doom losing sides. And if presidents and members of Congress choose to openly scorn their oaths of office and constitutional constraints on their power – well, many Americans would consider that to be treason.” ~ James Bovard


A Republic if You Can Keep It

– December 25, 2020

“Justice Gorsuch’s book reminds us that our government exists primarily to protect our freedom and that this framework is something we ought to work to preserve. Preserve not just for ourselves but for future generations of Americans so that they too may experience what it is like to live free.” ~ Ethan Yang


The Fun Night that Wasn’t Fun

– November 4, 2020

“May this wonderful country be forever spared another nightmare such as 2020 has brought. The way to make sure that happens is finally to recognize and embrace the limits of state power. Let them figure out how to count ballots before they ever again take away our freedoms in the name of virus management.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

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Stop Bringing Politics Into the Supreme Court

– October 19, 2020

“The confirmation hearings of the last three nominees have been the subject of national scrutiny and excitement. This fundamentally misses the mark on what the Court is supposed to be and suggests an ominous politicization of the Court that could wreck the country.” ~ Ethan Yang


Federal Court Holds “Stay-at-Home” Orders and Mandatory Business Closures Unconstitutional

– September 14, 2020

“Orders like Judge Stickman’s today remind the American people that they are not, actually, legally governed by fifty individual dictators, each empowered to declare at whim unlimited “emergencies” restricting basic, unalienable rights. No, we are not that.” ~ Stacey Rudin


Rothbard’s Challenging History of the Revolutionary War and the Constitution

– July 7, 2020

“In short, one does not have to share Rothbard’s opinion about the undesirability of the Constitution to find his interpretation of what actually happened illuminating. Whether you think that the Constitution was a mistake, that it was a good idea, or that it didn’t do enough to empower government, you will still encounter reliable, engaging, and challenging history in the fifth volume of Conceived in Liberty.” ~ Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

Free Speech Is Not Just Partisan Speech with Which You Agree

Free Speech Is Not Just Partisan Speech with Which You Agree

– May 29, 2020

“President Trump — and your supporters — lay off Twitter, and the other tech media platforms. All politicians of every political party should stop attacking the media and declare their support for the First Amendment.” ~ Raymond Niles


Why Didn’t the Constitution Stop This?

– April 30, 2020

Once a federal court (especially SCOTUS, from which there is no appeal) declares a law unconstitutional, as SCOTUS has often done to state laws throughout US history, the political dynamic changes dramatically. States must comply or face that other side of federalism.


Everyone Has a Human Right to Work

– April 1, 2020

The Trump base wants to work. And likely needs to. The Trump administration should go out of its way to legalize the right to work so that desperate service employees and workers in general at least have the chance to fix their devastated situations.


Proof That Tariffs Flood the Swamp

– November 13, 2019

Recently talking from the Senate floor, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) candidly acknowledged what most AIER readers have known for a long time: politicians are influenced by special interest groups, and, in many cases, this influence prevents them fro …


Your Freedom and Rights are Highly Conditional, Says Court

– June 7, 2018

Yes, the court decided the right way, but narrowly and not in a way that should calm the worries of anyone who believes in basic freedoms.


Constitutional Amendment Only Tool Powerful Enough for “Too Big to Fail”

– May 16, 2017

An economics scholar, Dan Thornton, sees a constitutional amendment as the only way to stop the U.S. government from engaging in “too big to fail” bailouts, but the idea appears too noble to pass. Big-government types won’t go for it for myriad reasons …