Edward Stringham on BBC News talking about Trump targeting Social Media

Government Controls Will Worsen the Social Media Problem (Video)

– May 30, 2020

“I appeared on the BBC to discuss the huge problems of social media and why Trump’s executive order can only make matters worse. What we need are fewer controls, not more, and a restoration of the original idea of the Internet as a free marketplace of ideas.” ~ Edward Stringham


Is Human Progress Possible?

– May 1, 2008

Research Reports – 1991, Issue: 02 Also: Business Cycle Conditions


The Search for Stable Prices and the Role of Gold

– July 1, 2007

Economic Education Bulletin Vol. XLVII No. 7 | July, 2007 It may be a mistake for monetary authorities to fail to monitor the quantity of monetary expansion in the belief that something better, like inflation targeting, has come along. Policymakers sho …


Toward a New World Monetary System

– May 1, 1974

Economic Education Bulletin Vol. XIV, no. 5 | May, 1974 by John Exter