Are We Seriously Debating Capitalism vs. Socialism Again?

– February 22, 2020

Socialism is a movement not of the working classes but of the elites, born of arrogance, snobbery, and preposterous pretense, kept alive not from lived experience but the astonishing capacity of an ideologically soaked brain to live in denial of reality.


The Iowa Caucus Disaster Is Planned Chaos

– February 4, 2020

Does anyone actually believe that “planning,” “organizing,” or “running” an economy would be any less complex in ways both seen and unseen than counting and reporting a few hundred or thousand votes would be?


The Soviet Economy Was Not Growing; It Was Dying

– January 10, 2020

Warren Nutter’s assessment was no abstraction, but rather the result of years of close study of the relationship between state policy and industrial concentration in the United States – the subject of his dissertation at the University of Chicago.

The struggle sessions of command economies

The Unbearable Drabness of Command Economies

– November 18, 2019

In command economies, you get what you get and you hope that it fits.


The State Is Not Your Proxy

– November 16, 2019

Leave aside every other problem of socialism (such as how it can rationally manage an economic process or achieve perfect material equality), and you are still left with the massive problem of power.


Marx vs. Mises Video: Text and Commentary

– October 18, 2019

Here you will find the full English text of the now-famous film, complete with explanatory videos with interviews from experts.

The Joker

The Joker and the Ideology of Destructionism

– October 7, 2019

The Joker is not just one man, not just a crazy person, but the instantiation of the insane and morbid dangers associated with persistent personal failure backed by a conviction that when there is a fundamental conflict between a vision and reality, it can only be solved by the creation of chaos and suffering.


The Problem of Millennial Socialism (Video)

– September 18, 2019

Two recent surveys’ reporting that more than half of millennials identify as socialist should ring alarm bells for people who support free markets and individual liberty.

economic thinking

Elizabeth Warren and the Economics of Magical Thinking

– September 16, 2019

I’d take whatever Bernie Sanders calls socialism over accountable capitalism any day, because rather than starve the dynamic private sector of resources, Elizabeth Warren’s vision stifles the dynamism itself.


The Many Threats to the Liberal Project

– August 10, 2019

My students in Prague (or in Fairfax) do not appreciate enough how the right-wing populist assault on markets is as (if not more) dangerous to the Liberal Project as those from the left.


America Needs You, Don Lavoie

– July 26, 2019

In a world where it sometimes feels like free market advocates are tolerating more intervention in our economy than we would have ever predicted, Lavoie calls upon us never to forget the abiding importance of remaining true to one’s belief in the power and humanity of markets.


Every Flaw in Markets Is Worse Under Socialism

– July 22, 2019

As the granddaughter of a survivor of communism and socialism, I find it almost unfathomable that the political ideology my family left a continent for is creeping into my neighborhood.