Coinage and Fiscal Finagling

– December 4, 2017

Coinage provided an easy-to-assess standard. It also presented a significant temptation for the fiscal authority.


Time to stop taxing gold and silver

– July 8, 2014

Last month, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed Senate Bill 862 into law, once again recognizing gold and silver as legal tender and an acceptable means of payment of debts in the Sooner State. While this treatment would seem self-evident, noting Arti …


Even Manufacturing Prefers Sound Money

– January 3, 2013

by Devin Roundtree With an annual growth rate of only 1.2%, the Federal Reserve reports that America’s iconic manufacturing industry is on pace for its toughest year since 2009. But the true state of America’s manufacturing industry is far gloomier tha …


Is the Table Set for a Mania in Precious Metals?

– June 7, 2012

It may feel like I’m out of touch with the precious metals markets to broach the subject of a mania today, but I think the table is being set now for a huge move into gold and silver.


The Prospects for Sound Money

– January 11, 2012

by Tim Kelly A silver lining of the global economic crisis is that millions of people have been awakened to the importance of sound money to a modern economy. The housing bubble and subsequent bust, excessive leveraging, reckless speculation, and the s …


Was 2011 a Dud or Springboard For Gold?

– January 11, 2012

2011 was remarkable in many ways for the precious metals markets. Gold soared to new highs in early September, hitting at an intraday record of $1,920/ounce on the fifth. Silver screamed to within a hair of $50 on April 28. Corrections ensued, and the metals ended the year on a disappointing note for silver and an underwhelming note for gold. Equities for the sector were down, to way down for junior ventures, logging their worst annual return since 2008.


A Swiss initiative which could bring us true monetary reform

– September 2, 2011

Walter Grinder, that great educator, economist, thinker, and former Atlas trustee, alerted us to this article which can be a source of optimism for lovers of sound money: http://dailyreckoning.com/monetary-reform-the-beginning-of-the-beginning/ A key p …


Investing in gold, loving the free society

– August 11, 2011

My late economic professor and mentor, Hans F. Sennholz, practiced what he preached.  His example added to the strength of his classes.  Forecasting the great weakening of paper money he invested in gold and silver.   He had mixed feelings.  “As gold i …


“The Free-Coinage Scheme is Impracticable at Every Point”

– April 27, 2010

“The amount of circulating cash of all kinds in the hands of the people at the present time is about nine hundred millions. If the dollar was reduced to half its present value, and if allowance was made for reserves, two thousand million silver dollars …


Silver Legislation Repealed

– June 17, 1963

Research Reports – 06/17/1963