Crisis, Regulation

Beware a Second-Wave Attack on Liberty

– May 1, 2020

To move on, the spread must occur. If we employ smart policy, we will allow the virus to spread among the young and shelter our old. We must encourage those with preexisting conditions – hypertension, heart disease, and so forth – to isolate in order to avoid contracting the virus.

Crisis, Regulation

Open Up and Let Free People Choose

– April 25, 2020

If states are the laboratories of ideas in good times, why limit the experimentation in bad times with one-size-fits-all lockdowns?


Earth Day 50 Years Later

– April 22, 2020

While environmental quality has been enhanced markedly, the presence of command-and-control has made the environmental journey slower and more costly than it might have been otherwise.

Energy, Regulation

Good Riddance to Recycling Trucks

– April 20, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised that curbside recycling has been suspended–for explicitly environmental and epidemiological reasons. Maybe curbside recycling is gone for good, which would free up resources that would then be available to expand the kinds of operations that actually help the environment.

Crisis, Regulation

Free to Choose a Possible Cure

– April 17, 2020

Of course much is uncertain. The outcomes of racing in NASCAR, climbing Mount Everest, and launching into space are uncertain. Yet we allow adults to choose to race, climb, and launch. So, how can we forbid a patient with Covid-19 from taking experimental drugs?

Crisis, Daily Economy, Regulation

Now It’s Obvious: The Political Class and the Media Are Spinning Tales

– April 14, 2020

Rather than accepting the epistemic limitations of the current crisis as a reason to abstain from aggressive policies, they double down on the same. And when their chosen courses go awry or fail to deliver on their promised salvation, history is rewritten to obscure the fact that such promises were ever made.