The Fun Night that Wasn’t Fun

– November 4, 2020

“May this wonderful country be forever spared another nightmare such as 2020 has brought. The way to make sure that happens is finally to recognize and embrace the limits of state power. Let them figure out how to count ballots before they ever again take away our freedoms in the name of virus management.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


“Slide-Rule Aid”? Why Not?

– October 31, 2020

“Saving one industry means hurting another, and I cannot help but wonder: what troubles have we endured and what progress have we sacrificed in order to protect obsolete producers of soybeans, steel, shirts, schooling…and slide rules?” ~ Art Carden


Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich: Who Made Our Book Possible?

– October 30, 2020

“Our book’s policy recommendations can be reduced to two words: stop it. Consider the possibility that the people you wish to tax, regulate, subsidize, evaluate, and experiment upon should simply be left alone to go about their business. Stop it, we say, and let them make us rich.” ~ Art Carden


Walmart’s “Buy American” Commitment Won’t Make America Great Again

– October 26, 2020

“In its almost sixty years of existence, Walmart has revolutionized American retail and raised American standards of living by innovating in shipping, selling, and shopping. They certainly have the potential to continue doing so–but paying extra for stuff just because it was produced in the United States won’t help them or their customers in the long run.” ~ Art Carden

british flags

Keukentafel Economics and the History of British Imperialism

– October 4, 2020

“Let’s get on with it, then: honest courts, good schooling, non-extractive governments, property rights for squatters, free international and internal trade, employment laws that do not protect only the presently employed.” ~ Deirdre McCloskey

bright america

Is America in Decline?

– October 2, 2020

“America cannot be the literal Top Nation forever, nor should it be, nor does it matter. Being smart and hardworking and fulfilled are what matter, not tiny percentage differences of income between rich countries, 10 percent plus or minus. America is not declining. In the modern world, no income per head actually declines in absolute terms, unless through war or socialism.” ~ Deirdre McCloskey

restaurant owners

Don’t Scapegoat Business for Mask Mandates

– September 20, 2020

“Brutalist methods will not rebuild social peace. This is not a call to accept mandates, but such mandates can be opposed without blaming the small business owners who are victimized just as much as we are.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Material Benefits Are Not Merely Material

– September 1, 2020

“Had this material wealth been produced in less abundance, the range of higher goals that ordinary Americans would today be able to pursue would be narrower. And this material wealth would indeed have been produced in less abundance had Americans been saddled with more of the tariffs, subsidies, and other government interventions for which Oren Cass tirelessly pleads.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


When the Minimum Wage Rises, A Million More Fall Below Minimum

– August 26, 2020

“Past increases in the federal minimum wage always resulted in many more people pushed into jobs paying below minimum and usually losing whatever benefits they previously enjoyed. Far from being an effective and humane way to raise the lowest incomes the unintended consequence of increasing the federal minimum wage has, in fact, been to force hundreds of thousands more Americans into substandard jobs and make the poorest workers poorer.” ~ Alan Reynolds


An Economics Lesson on the Ceiling

– August 19, 2020

“Whether you are a student or a senior citizen, be curious about the physics, engineering, and economics behind the everyday devices and systems that you depend on so heavily and take so much for granted. Of course, there isn’t time to research everything but with so many resources now available online, you can reward yourself by learning something new every day.” ~ Warren C. Gibson

amazon delivery packages

Extend the Market, As Far as Possible

– July 11, 2020

“Private enterprise and private governance pushed along by people seeking little more than their own advantages work remarkably well. If you want more evidence, look no further than the package on your doorstep.” ~ Art Carden


The Opposite of an Employee Benefit

– June 6, 2016

It seems employers are being encouraged to help their young employees spend their money as fast, or even faster, than they earn it.   Some employers are taking the bait.  Some even think it is a benefit to make employees loans, help pay them off, or be better at payday loans than payday lenders.