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The Desperate Loneliness of Social Media

– June 15, 2020

“Other-directed voters go on social media to try to figure out which politicians and policy proposals will earn them the most plaudits from assorted avatars and social influencers. They value fitting in over logic or consistency and many seem genuinely puzzled when the inconsistencies in their expressed opinions are pointed out to them.” ~ Robert Wright

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Free Down Payments and Subsidized Mortgages are Not Social Justice

– June 11, 2020

“Despite 50 years of debacles, politicians are still glorified for pretending that free downpayments and subsidized mortgages are “magic beans” that multiply social justice in America.” ~ James Bovard


It’s the Poor Who Are Suffering Most

– March 24, 2020

Let’s be very clear about what’s happening: Coronavirus is a rich man’s disease, and the economy-crushing shutdown something created by the relatively rich. The poor? They’ll be the victims of this freakout born of mass affluence.


We Thrive Thanks to Many Andrew Yangs, Not One

– October 31, 2019

Entrepreneurs, it turns out, don’t need to understand entrepreneurship. The same creativity that led Yang to create value in our economy now leads him astray.


Economic Freedom and Development in the Real World

– October 2, 2019

As our world continues to develop economically, people’s desire and ability to interfere with the process seem to grow.


A Measly Five Bucks to Bust Out of the Ideological Bubble

– July 26, 2019

Apparently nobody, not even the Gray Lady, rigorously fact checks anymore. Or is it that only books reviewed in a few elite outlets count and none happen to critique finance from the non-left? Heck, I can almost hear the editors ask themselves: Only people on the left write the right kind of books, right?


When Government Fails, Communities Take Care of Themselves

– July 18, 2019

In the early- and mid-20th century, systemic racism often meant that African American communities were excluded from government welfare programs. In the face of this injustice, we see numerous examples of communities stepping up to take care of each other when government officials turned the other way.


Universal Basic Income Is Little More Than Smoke and Mirrors

– June 17, 2019

The prospect of a safety net devoid of loopholes and bureaucracy is tantalizing. Unfortunately, fiscal reality reveals UBI to be little more than clever arithmetic and a distraction from more modest changes to welfare policy and the tax code that would directly help those most in need.


The U.S. Welfare System’s Paternalistic History

– June 3, 2019

History will always remember President Lyndon Johnson for his escalation of the war in Vietnam, which turned into an unwinnable and tragic entanglement against a foe he did not understand. Sadly, with over fifty years of hindsight, one must judge Johnson’s War on Poverty in much the same way.


How Top-Down Government Fails America’s Poor

– May 22, 2019

Our debate about safety nets and responses to poverty hinges on a fundamental fallacy — that services are either provided by the government or not at all.

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A Bona Fide Tax Revolt in France

– November 26, 2018

Politicians and activists who blithely maintain that public support for lofty climate change projects is both bottomless and selfless are either obtuse or tacitly agitating for tyranny.


Proposed Federal Jobs Guarantee Is Too Big to Exist

– May 4, 2018

The federal jobs guarantee, as spelled out in Democratic policy circles, would arguably be the largest public intervention in the economy in American history.