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New Jersey’s Transaction Tax Grab

– September 17, 2020

“The way in which political figures view financial markets are a litmus test for their overall understanding of economics.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Why Do Basketball Players Make More Than Teachers?

– September 14, 2020

“As an educator myself, I am happy to grant that teachers produce value for students, and for society. But even the most marginal teacher, at the worst and least motivated public school, can’t-wait-for-retirement clock puncher, makes far more than the marginal basketball player. You can’t compare the marginal unit of water, or teachers, with diamonds.” ~ Michael Munger

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The Unintended Disruption of the Ivory Tower

– September 4, 2020

“Whatever innovations and changes arise from the current chaos, it is very likely that higher education will not look the same as it did before 2020. Given current intellectual trends that elevate social justice above the pursuit of truth and higher education’s tremendous waste of resources (including the economy-crushing delay of adulthood), that may be for the best.” ~ Jay Schalin


Democrats and the Blue-Collar Vote (Video)

– September 3, 2020

“With the DNC ramping up it’s campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the country is now weighing the effective policy proposals of the ticket before election day. I joined Cavuto’s Coast to Coast to discuss the latest news.” ~ Edward Stringham

Civility Gap

WalkAway and the Civility Gap

– September 2, 2020

The civility gap, it seems to me, is very real. I conclude with some comments that presuppose that leftism is terribly wrongheaded and that the civility gap is real and large.

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Coronavirus and the Perils of Disease Modeling

– August 28, 2020

“Computer models and simulations have fed fear and enlivened tyranny. Many millions of people in the real world continue to suffer and, indeed, die under pandemic policies wrought by the output of iteratively-run code.” ~ Peter C. Earle

Lockdown Orders by State

A Closer Look at the States that Stayed Open

– August 24, 2020

“There is no definitive evidence to suggest that stay at home orders are effective at addressing COVID-19. Furthermore, the United States experiment with the policy has yielded results that are not favorable to Dr. Fauci’s suggestion regarding the nationwide implementation of stay at home orders. ” ~Ethan Yang


Fear Is a Viral Monster

– August 17, 2020

“If a large enough number of us can be convinced that an unseen, vile monster lurks in everyone else, the resulting widespread fear empowers government officials to do what government officials do best – and what they’ve done so horribly over the past five months: destroy.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Don’t Live Your Life In a Bubble

– August 12, 2020

“If you want a future, your generation needs to start getting the best minds behind leading. Your future and the future generations of humans now depend on it.” ~ Roger W. Koops

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Funding American Law Enforcement

– August 10, 2020

“If any legitimate public service (like the rule of law and law enforcement) fails, it should be mended, not ended, reformed, not scorned. Indeed, that has been the general (and positive) trend in American law and law enforcement over the past century.” ~ Richard M. Salsman

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Economic Freedom Is Essential for Managing Pandemics

– August 7, 2020

“There is an important lesson for the future. If one desires the downward trends in the human and economic costs observed over the course of the 20th century to continue, one must push for a greater deal of institutional flexibility. That flexibility is what makes the market’s process of discovery work and makes us more resilient to future shocks.” ~ Vincent Geloso


So-Called Stablecoins

– August 2, 2020

“Regular consumers are slowly becoming more interested in financial privacy. But they shouldn’t have to rely on systems that ignore the law. A more durable solution is to work towards changing those laws.” ~ J.P. Koning