The Global Guinea Pig: Airlines to Discriminate Based on Your Medical Status

– December 4, 2020

“Future politicians may be tempted to deny potential immigrant groups entry under the guise of a ‘public health threat.’ Digital health passes could be extended to include: influenza, hepatitis, measles, tuberculosis, Zika, HIV and STDs. And all because, during our trip down Covid-hysteria highway, we threw waivers and personal responsibility out the window.” ~ Micha Gartz


Twelve Principles of International Trade: Part I

– December 3, 2020

“Although it’s possible to imagine bizarre scenarios in which a country’s rising trade deficits might be evidence of economic decline, none of these scenarios is realistic in the case of the United States. American trade deficits are evidence of American economic health, at least relative to many other countries, rather than of economic hardship.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Nursing Homes and Covid Fatalities: The Empirical Relationship

– December 2, 2020

“While not all deaths are preventable, we have a moral obligation to engage in focused protection rather than continue one-size-fits all approaches to public health. To the extent that resources for testing, vaccines, health care worker time, and federal grants are scarce, they should be focused on the most vulnerable, and few are more vulnerable than nursing home residents.” ~ Stephen C. Miller


Value Is What I Say It Is

– November 30, 2020

“The disdain for private commerce pours through the pages of The Deficit Myth, but never so much so as when Kelton imagines the transition for a newly unemployed worker. Rather than ‘sort boxes at a private retailer,’ she says, the worker in her scheme will ‘perform a useful job in public service.’ Everything that’s wrong with the (left’s) modern overhaul of value theory is included in that sentence.” ~ Joakim Book


Student-Loan Cancellation Shouldn’t Happen, But It’s Not The ‘Working Classes’ Bailing Out The Rich

– November 24, 2020

“While it would be wrong to forgive federal student debt, let’s not add to what’s incorrect with nonsensical allusions to ‘real America’ paying for bailouts of Beverly Hills, Manhattan and Pacific Heights.” ~ John Tamny


Cost of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report

– November 18, 2020

“In the debate over coronavirus policy, there has been far too little focus on the costs of lockdowns. It’s very common for the proponents of these interventions to write articles and large studies without even mentioning the downsides.” ~ AIER Staff


Keeping Covid Perspective

– November 15, 2020

“What I believe is deranged is the failure to put Covid-19 in proper perspective. It is deranged to behave as if the risks that Covid poses to kindergartners, to college students, and to healthy young people are indistinguishable from the risks that Covid posed to your elderly father, or poses even to me, a 62-year-old.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


It’s Time To Admit: Drugs Won The War On Drugs

– November 7, 2020

“Ten years ago, ending the drug war was a pipe dream. Now, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are being legalized in state after state. I can only hope that the end of all this Reefer Madness is near.” ~ Art Carden


We need a Market for Expert Advice, and Competition Among Experts

– November 5, 2020

“Without competition among experts, we can expect more expert failure in the future. It is time to reform SAGE and reduce the monopoly power of its one, largely unchallenged, team of experts.” ~ Roger Koppl


The 2013 Lockdown Experiment in Boston

– November 4, 2020

“In April 2013, a citywide lockdown was cancelled in less than one day owing to concerns about health & commercial costs.” ~ Peter C. Earle


A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

– November 4, 2020

“We should respond to the COVID virus rationally: protect the vulnerable, treat the people who get infected compassionately, develop a vaccine. And while doing these things we should bring back the civilization that we had so that the cure does not end up being worse than the disease.” ~ Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya


The ’Rona Squeeze and a Swedish Hip-Hopper

– November 3, 2020

“Most everywhere else, different rules apply: no matter the facts, we must squeeze harder. The badly-behaved virus must stop progressing, must cease and desist. Anything else, apparently, ‘just doesn’t seem worth it.'” ~ Joakim Book