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Argentina in Default, Economists Call for Good Faith Negotiations

With Argentina in Default, Economists Call for Good Faith Negotiations

– June 5, 2020

“Argentina’s economic troubles are self-imposed. They are not the fault of its creditors, who just want to be repaid as promised. Any good-faith solution to Argentina’s problems must start by recognizing the real problem: large fiscal deficits.” ~ Nicholas Cachanosky

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The Grim Future of Latin America After the Pandemic Outbreak

– May 21, 2020

“Latin American leaders seem at least as likely to bolster their own power, while repressing basic liberties, as they are to mitigate the deleterious effects of the disease.” ~ Nicolas Cachanosky

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What Sweden Can Teach Us About the Economics of Pandemics

– May 19, 2020

Sweden will have avoided the lion’s share of the enormous economic, personal, and social tragedies that societies under lockdown have imposed on themselves. From this perspective, perhaps Sweden’s strategy should be neither feared nor maligned, but emulated.

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Brexit Matters More than Ever

– May 15, 2020

The specific events of Brexit are located in a wider story of political change that applies to almost all of the developed world and to many less developed countries as well. The book also explains why Brexit was the form this wider process took in the specific case of the UK.

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Don’t Blame Globalism for COVID-19

– May 12, 2020

They were against trade, immigration, technology, and markets before and they are now opportunistically using this pandemic as a convenient, almost heaven-sent, opportunity to push for the same pro-government interventions and the same semi-authoritarian regimes they advocated earlier.

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Should China Pay Reparations?

– May 7, 2020

For the Chinese to pay reparation fees in ways that don’t involve any current increase in American imports, they would have to liquidate a great deal of their investments in America. Any such liquidation would reduce asset values here at home.