In the Midst of Covid-19, Pakistan Continues Its Fight Against Polio

– January 15, 2021

“The nation’s health authorities have realized that Covid-19 mitigation is only one component of holistic public health practices. Public health must take all epidemiological factors into account. Tunnel vision only serves to create new kinds of misery, scrapping hard-earned progress.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


A “Supercomputer” is Deciding the Politics of Australians (Video)

– September 18, 2020

“By decree of an anonymous university “supercomputer,” Victoria’s Dan Andrews has opted to extend stage 4 lockdowns. This is once again stalling the economic recovery of the region and plundering the wealth and liberty of millions across the state.” ~ Taleed Brown


South Dakota: America’s Sweden

– September 17, 2020

“Under the leadership of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, the Great Plains state has effected a fortress of liberty and hope protected from the grasps of overbearing politicians. And interestingly enough, South Dakota policies echo many of the same values and approaches as Sweden, and both have uncoincidentally experienced positive outcomes.” ~ Amelia Janaskie


The Pilfering of TikTok

– September 9, 2020

“History is clear that when governments take things from private hands by force, what’s taken usually loses its value. What applies to the rest of the world also applies to us.” ~ John Tamny


The Melbourne Syndrome

– September 7, 2020

“It should be called the “Melbourne” Syndrome because Melbourne has now implemented the hardest and longest lockdown at the hands of one of the most far-left and incompetent political leaders in the world, a leader who nevertheless retains high approval ratings, within a state in which the coronavirus issue went from benign to statistically explosive (although the death rate is still near invisible at something like 0.002% per head of population).” ~ Steven Kates


Sweden’s High Covid Death Rate Among the Nordics: “Dry Tinder” and Other Important Factors

“The single largest factor for why Sweden had it much worse than its Nordic neighbors during corona is the ‘dry tinder’ hypothesis. We are sensitive about borrowing the dry tinder metaphor for the persons of human souls, but the metaphor is clarifying: Maybe a country has more forest fires this year than its neighbors because it had fewer fires in previous years, and dry tinder accumulated, awaiting a spark.”


How the Virus Penetrated Fortress New Zealand

– August 28, 2020

“Far from adopting this strategy as a model, the world must avoid the corner of perpetual recurring lockdowns in which New Zealand now finds itself. And New Zealand’s government would be wise to drop the hubristic pretensions of commanding and controlling a virus through medieval self-isolation, seeking instead an alternative strategy that is robust to unexpected setbacks and equipped for long-run recovery.” ~ Phillip Magness


Authoritarianism in Auckland

– August 11, 2020

“New Zealand looks and feels like paradise. Sadly, thanks to brutal and deeply incompetent political leadership, that paradise is lost, lost to the superstitions of the COVID faith that power, police, and adoring news coverage can scare a pathogen to go away and stay away.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Madness in Melbourne

– August 4, 2020

“I cry for the once-great city of Melbourne this day. May there be justice. And may its future political leadership be granted some modicum of decency and wisdom.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


How Global Capitalism Boosted Immunities

– July 25, 2020

“The implications of Gupta’s view – and its flipping of the run-and-hide, shelter-in-place narrative – offer a promising new way to understand the relationship between modern capitalism and the dramatic improvements in human health we’ve experienced over a century. It also sends up a warning flare: if we stay on the present course of hiding and futilely trying to suppress the virus, we will end making all of society poorer both materially and spiritually and also delivering a dangerous blow to our biological health.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

Argentina in Default, Economists Call for Good Faith Negotiations

With Argentina in Default, Economists Call for Good Faith Negotiations

– June 5, 2020

“Argentina’s economic troubles are self-imposed. They are not the fault of its creditors, who just want to be repaid as promised. Any good-faith solution to Argentina’s problems must start by recognizing the real problem: large fiscal deficits.” ~ Nicholas Cachanosky


The Grim Future of Latin America After the Pandemic Outbreak

– May 21, 2020

“Latin American leaders seem at least as likely to bolster their own power, while repressing basic liberties, as they are to mitigate the deleterious effects of the disease.” ~ Nicolas Cachanosky