Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigration, and Crime

– March 29, 2020

Sanctuary cities, and by extension immigration, are once again a locus of national controversy. There may be good arguments against sanctuary cities. But we haven’t heard any yet.


The Best Way to Help Haitians? Help Them Get Out of Haiti

– January 15, 2020

I hope that our children someday look back on restrictions on immigration with the same revulsion and disgust with which we look at slavery.


The Immigrant Next Door

– November 23, 2019

Like the other two immigrants on the roundtable, William helped to raise a brood of youngin’s that have made good. One of his children is an electrical engineer and the other is in medical school.


How to Prevent Democide

– November 11, 2019

Some of the 262 million individuals that suffered from democide could have escaped their fates. More importantly, rulers faced with the possibility of exit would have been more reluctant to engage in democides in the first place.


The Case for Open Borders Is Stronger than You Think

– November 2, 2019

The status quo is moral and economic madness: at the very least, immigration restrictions should be dramatically reduced.


How to Think About Migration

– October 31, 2019

The right of individuals to move within a state, if it is one that overrides and excludes any political power to control movement and residence, should also extend to a right to move across political borders.