Those Shepherds Abiding in the Fields Were Private Security Workers

– December 24, 2019

People talk like capitalism is some strange foreign invader, a mechanical system that was imposed on the world a couple hundred years ago, fueled by burning coal and emitting smoke, and certainly not anything organic to the social order. This is prepos …


Fact Checking the 1619 Project and Its Critics

– December 23, 2019

The New York Times’ 1619 Project entered a new phase of historical assessment when the paper published a scathing criticism by five well-known historians of the American Revolution and Civil War eras. The group included previous critics James McPherson …


The Miracle of the Free Market

– December 16, 2019

One of the great fallacies arrogantly believed in by those in political power is the notion that they can know enough to manage and command the lives of everyone in society with better results than if people are left to live their own lives as they fre …


What Arthur Burns Broke, Paul Volcker Fixed

– December 15, 2019

Inflation came down and stayed down. Indeed, the public came to believe the Fed chair was willing to do whatever it takes to keep inflation low and steady.


The New History of Capitalism Has a “Whiteness” Problem

– December 10, 2019

Thus do we arrive at the unenviable position where scholars in the New History of Capitalism genre are guilty of the very same faults that they invoke to dismiss critics of the 1619 Project.


Alexander Hamilton, the Other Tariff Man Who Created a Mess

– December 5, 2019

One of the many unsettling features of Donald Trump is his deep-seated antipathy to the time-honored doctrine of free trade. Even as early as 2016, Trump devoted a substantial portion of his Republican Convention speech calling for the adoption of prot …


Mary, Joseph, and the Real ID

– December 3, 2019

Think about this story as you contemplate the surveillance, the identity politics, the impending internal passports, and the demographic controls of modern statism. These are tools of oppression.


History Was Supposed to End. What Happened?

– December 1, 2019

Anyone paying close attention at the turn of the 21st century could foresee the impending failure of the social-democratic consensus throughout the developed world.  The exalted experts who rose to power in the postwar period built gigantic state- …


Thanksgiving and the Birth of American Free Enterprise

– November 26, 2019

Once more it’s that time of the year when most Americans gather with family and friends to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The turkey is carved, the stuffing and sweet potatoes are passed around, and many slices of pumpkin pie are happily consumed. …


The Birth of the Deep State: A History

– November 14, 2019

The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act (1883) created a merit-based system of examinations and other requirements, and a salaried class of government employees.


The Dark History of Swedish Socialism (Video)

– November 12, 2019

Everyone knows that socialism is newly fashionable as an idea and system. With that has come a certain level of whitewashing of the real history. I’m not just speaking of the totalitarian variety with its poverty, inflation, starvation, and mass death. …


The History and Meaning of the Berlin Wall

– November 4, 2019

The history of the Berlin Wall and the collectivist ideology behind it should remind us of how important a loss any of our freedoms can be.