1619 Project: A Critique

The 1619 Project: A Critique

– April 15, 2020

In The 1619 Project: A Critique, I evaluate a number of factual and interpretive claims and provides an accessible resource for readers wishing to navigate the scholarly disputes, offering my own interpretive take on claims pertaining to areas of history in which I have worked.


The 100-Day Disaster that Befell America

– April 10, 2020

It took only 100 days to asphyxiate the world economy and the suggestion of possible sickness to render a nation once characterized by rugged individualism, personal liberty, bravery and industry into house-bound milksops.


Our Ten Days that Shook the World

– April 8, 2020

After that day in New York, our worlds began to shut down. The following day, a national emergency was declared. Then the CDC recommended against 50 or more people. France locked down. Borders closed. Then the unthinkable scenario unfolded.


What Herbert Hoover Can Teach Us about the Reaction to the Coronavirus

– March 27, 2020

Just as Hoover’s policies during the Great Depression made things worse especially for the poorest in America, the policy responses we see now will hurt.


J.M. Keynes’s Dreams of a Eugenic Future

– March 23, 2020

Keynes’s futuristic vision also entailed a scientifically planned world of human heredity, ordered around a state policy of eugenics.


The 1619 Project: An Epitaph

– March 16, 2020

It took six months of heated debate to reach this point, but the New York Times’ 1619 Project has finally offered a small but crucial concession to its critics. On March 11, the paper published an “update” to indicate that it would be changing a disputed line of text in the lead essay by Nikole Hannah-Jones.


They Are Rewriting the History of Coronavirus in Real Time

– March 11, 2020

The daily threats and warnings have spooked markets far more than the sober analysis from genuine medical professionals. Markets, non-interventionist policies, and budget cuts have between little and nothing to do with the fear now spreading.


The Heroic Contribution of Michael Milken

– March 10, 2020

There are no companies, no jobs, and there is no progress without investment, and Milken would vastly improve the world around him through skillful development of the companies not recognized by traditional banks and investment banks, but that would be greatly enhanced through bespoke finance.


Entrepreneur Couney Brought Incubators to the Preemies

– March 6, 2020

One of Couney’s early stations was at the 1901 Buffalo World’s Fair. Also on display was an early X-ray machine whose inventor would soon win the first physics Nobel Prize.


What the 1619 Project’s Critics Get Wrong about Lincoln

– March 6, 2020

Since its publication last August, the New York Times’ 1619 Project has come under a barrage of withering critiques. Historians took it to task for exaggerating the role of slavery as a motivating factor behind the Revolutionary War, while economists quickly dissected its empirically suspect…


Is Bernie Right about Education in Cuba?

– March 2, 2020

What explains the rising literacy rates and rising levels of educational achievements is also what explains the regime’s ability to continually repress Cuban people.


Enough of this Idea of Presidential Greatness

– February 23, 2020

What constitutes a great president? Every presidential election, pundits and commentators opine on the characteristics of presidents that made them great. Starting in 1948, at the impulse of Arthur Schlesinger Sr. of Harvard University, historians have …