King Canute and the Virus Tide

– August 13, 2020

“I doubt seriously that our arrogant rulers intended to teach the lesson that King Canute taught his subjects. But teach they have, nonetheless.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

berlin wall

On This Day, The Berlin Wall Began to Rise

– August 13, 2020

“Modern Germany is deceptively unified––so much so that it has become easy to relegate the cautionary tale of the GDR to the history books. But the ideology that gave rise to the Berlin Wall persists around the world. For as happily as we celebrate the day it came down, the day it rose must always stand as a testament to how easily freedom can fall victim to absolutism.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


Which Diseases Are on the Rise As We Fight COVID-19?

– August 5, 2020

“Proponents of COVID-19 prevention measures are perfectly willing to discuss the lives that are saved at the expense of economic progress. But when will there be widespread recognition that these very same measures could cause millions of people around the world to contract––and die from––other preventable diseases? Are those lives somehow exempt from our tradeoff tally?” ~ Fiona Harrigan


Charles James Fox and the Consistent Defense of Liberty

– August 4, 2020

On matters concerning modern political parties and the politicians they produce, my natural inclination is to ridicule and disparage both. When pressed to declare an affiliation though, I usually answer “Foxite Whig.” The reference is admittedly obscur …


How FDR Killed Federal Anti-Lynching Legislation

– July 31, 2020

“Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor publicly signaled her support for the measure, but the president himself remained silent and declined to spend his political capital on securing the bill at a time when the legislative success of the New Deal economic agenda depended on southern Democrats. After a complex succession of parliamentary maneuvers in the Senate the measure was effectively sidelined in exchange for the southerners dropping their filibuster, which had also unintentionally impeded the New Deal farm relief bill at the top of the president’s legislative agenda.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Fauci Is Wrong: New York Did Not Do it “Correctly”

– July 23, 2020

“The deep human costs of this virus and its corresponding policies have been exacerbated by blind hubris and unfounded pride––which, to no small extent, saw their expression in the conceit of rule by models. Though it might be too little too late, diligent reflection and readjustment in future pandemic combat efforts will be the only way to honor those who were lost so unnecessarily.” ~ Fiona Harrigan and Peter C. Earle


Welcome to the Frankfurtian World

– July 22, 2020

“Wherever one turns, the political discourse seems entirely uninterested in the Enlightenment project – the values of 17th and 18th century philosophers imploring us to use reason to approach scientific truth and an intelligent and civil society.” ~ Joakim Book

melting pot new york

“Systemic Racism” Theory is the New Political Tribalism

– July 21, 2020

“A freedom not based on race, nationality, language, or religion, but on an idea of the unique and valued individual who is at liberty to live his own life, peacefully in voluntary mutual association with others. A society that, more than any other, has done more to do away with the tribe and liberate the person, and bring peace and prosperity along with it.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Your State Matters More Than You May Think

– July 21, 2020

“While employment regulation may seem like a long way from communism, the point is that the federal government does not stand on the slope at all, regardless of subjective perceptions of its slipperiness. The safety ropes that remain at its disposal, like the interstate commerce clause, are only as effective as the will and skill with which they are employed to arrest the descent and could easily prove insufficient if communism were preferred by a majority of the state’s electorate, as lockdowns remain in some states.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Individualism and Public Health: Tensions and Challenges

– July 19, 2020

“The aim should be to strictly fence off and limit the scope of coercive public health as both an ideal and a practice. We should think of it as something like a nuclear reactor core – useful, even essential but something that needs to be tightly contained. This is the kind of project and activity that individualists and classical liberals should be engaged in.” ~ Stephen Davies

statue, oath

Technocrats Should Observe the Hippocratic Oath

– July 18, 2020

“Whether by today’s standards or a medieval one, at a certain level of influence, unqualified prognostication is either ignorant, irresponsible, or deceptive. Pithy epigrams alongside basic skepticism, knowledge of personal hygiene, and a propensity to self-isolate in the face of illness have superintended the human relationship with microorganisms more than massive agent-based models ever will.” ~ Peter C. Earle


The New York Times Revives Its Grim Past

– July 16, 2020

“The news reporting and editorial policies of the New York Times today remind me of 1932 and the way in which journalism is being used to push out dogma over truth, selective facts over full and balanced coverage, ideology over tolerance, propaganda over diversity of opinion, and an aggressive political agenda over humane and careful journalism. It seems out of control at this point.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker