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Open Letter to the Institute for New Economic Thinking

An Open Letter to the Institute for New Economic Thinking

– June 16, 2020

“Treating this as a mistake and correcting it is the right thing to do in response to an unfortunate lapse in judgement. Failure to do so in my opinion would amount to among the most egregious instances of such crass intimidation I have seen.” ~ Max Gulker

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The Return of Brutalism

– June 15, 2020

“When governments behave this way, as if freedom doesn’t matter, this is what they unleash. They punish and drive out decency, integrity, and virtue. When you do that, you release unpredictable forces within society that make the world ugly, even terrifying.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

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American History Reveals the Alternative to the Police State

American History Reveals the Alternative to the Police State

– June 10, 2020

“There is ample evidence that decriminalization of Americans’ personal lives, the proliferation of gun ownership, and the encouragement of competitive markets for property insurance and private protection services can greatly improve upon our current monopolistic, union-controlled, taxpayer-funded machines of state repression.” ~ Robert E. Wright

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Pandemic, Planning, and Racial Politics

Tragedies of Our Time: Pandemic, Planning, and Racial Politics

– June 8, 2020

“The magnitude and depth of what has actually been experienced in declines in production and rises in unemployment have one and only one primary and singular source: the federal and especially state government-ordered shutdowns across the country.” ~ Richard Ebeling

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Nation of True Believers

A Nation of True Believers

– June 4, 2020

“Lots of Americans are also frustrated. Their putative leaders have infantilized them through decades of paternalistic laws that try to micromanage their lives. It is beginning to dawn on them that election results are unlikely to change anything under our duopolistic, or revolving monopolistic, political system.” ~ Robert Wright

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Will the Politicians Admit Their Lockdown Mistake?

– May 27, 2020

“Was this a mistake? Yes. It’s time to admit it. There ought to be acts of contrition from the political class and the modelers who advised them, in which they loudly and earnestly declare that they are heartily sorry for their sins, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker