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Strata of the Unseen

– July 6, 2020

“When an economist reminds you to pay attention to what is unseen, he or she counsels you to humbly understand that a modern market economy is far too complex and inescapably reliant upon trial-and-error experimentation to enable the interventionist schemes that are forever being proposed to succeed.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

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Opposing Subsidies Isn’t Opposing What’s Subsidized: Bastiat’s Lesson

– July 2, 2020

“Among the dead and largely forgotten, Bastiat is worth reading for the depth of his insight and the clarity of his exposition. His articles and essays expose the hidden absurdity of a lot of proposals to “encourage the national labour” by subsidizing the arts, by blocking out the sun to benefit the candlemakers, or by building a negative railroad consisting of nothing but stops.” ~ Art Carden


Robert William Fogel (1926-2013): A Birthday Appreciation

– July 1, 2020

His students report that Fogel had a dictum: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth spending ten years of your life doing it right. Fogel was a master at finding the right questions, finding the right methods and data to answer them, and–importantly–putting in the work to ensure that in the long run, we get things right.” ~ Art Carden

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“The Most Brilliant Economic Journalist Who Ever Lived”: A Birthday Appreciation of Frederic Bastiat

– June 30, 2020

“Bastiat was one of the nineteenth century’s most eloquent defenders of liberty and dignity, and Joseph Schumpeter was clearly right to describe him as “the most brilliant economic journalist who ever lived.” He has heirs, but no equals.” ~ Art Carden

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Why Facts Don’t Matter to People

– June 24, 2020

“COVID-19 has forced many of our well-intentioned friends into what some call liminal space—’a space where you have left something behind, yet you are not yet fully in something else.'” ~ Barry Brownstein

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Thomas Sowell at 90: Understanding Race Relations Around the World

– June 16, 2020

“Now, at the age of 90, Thomas Sowell continues to offer us understanding and insight into the attitudes and institutions that can bring all people greater peace and prosperity, as well as human liberty.” ~ Richard Ebeling