Carlsbad, CA Says No More to Lockdowns. May It Be a National Model!

– January 22, 2021

“Those who are sickeningly intoxicated with power can’t incarcerate us all. As for the businesses terrorized by the political class in Carlsbad, they decided they no longer have any choice. Given the choice between going out of business and defying politicians, they chose the latter. Good for them.” ~ John Tamny


A Soviet Dissident Explains American Censorship

– January 20, 2021

“Self-censorship manifests when reasonable minds no longer express their differences. As authoritarian roots sink deeper into American society, the consequences are dire. As Grossman warns, ‘Then life itself must suffocate.'” ~ Barry Brownstein


Trump’s Fall and the Rise of the Tribal Collectivists

– January 18, 2021

“Friends of liberty must gird themselves for an intellectual and ideological battle the likes of which very few of us have experienced outside of a totalitarian state and its campaign of mind-controlling propaganda.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Congressional Hypocrisy and the Crackdown

– January 13, 2021

“It is possible to condemn both the protestors who rampaged in the Capitol and the career politicians whose perennial abuses have destroyed Americans’ faith in the federal government. It would be especially unwise to confuse last week’s buffoonery with a bona fide coup attempt – which could happen if Washington continues disdaining too many angry Americans.” ~ James Bovard


Witnessing Lithuania’s 1991 Fight for Freedom from Soviet Power

– January 12, 2021

“Personal liberty and political self-government have been rare things in the broad sweep of human history. They have been difficult to establish, often hard to preserve once possessed, and far too easily taken away under the pressures of fear, demagogy, and despotic ideologies. We should remember and appreciate episodes in history like those in Lithuania in January 1991, in which a people oppressed by socialist tyranny said, ‘No,’ and insisted upon regaining their freedom.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Cooperation, Not Retaliation, Can Restore Social Order

– January 11, 2021

“We have agency and reason and can see that the current cascade of retaliation and retribution is ‘unsustainable.’ A great statesman focusing on first principles could, perhaps, cut the chain of retaliation and restore widespread cooperation. I don’t know if such an American exists, but I know it isn’t Donald Trump or Joe Biden.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Where is Jack Ma?

– January 9, 2021

“The disappearance of Jack Ma demonstrates the truth that economic freedom and social freedom are not mutually exclusive. While we should condemn the Chinese government’s actions, we should also be cautious of rising authoritarian tendencies here at home, whether it’s towards our civil rights or our economic freedom.” ~ Ethan Yang


What’s Up with the Great Reset?

– January 6, 2021

“At some point, it’s not unreasonable to observe that this is no longer about public health. It’s about a new political vision, one hatched by a private few in order to rule over the many. It is unlikely to be shared by most people, thus setting up what is likely to be an epic battle in 2021.” ~ Stacey Rudin


Carl Menger and the Sesquicentennial Founding of the Austrian School

– January 5, 2021

“Carl Menger remains a towering figure, not only for the development of his variation on the ‘marginalist’ theme, but for originating a still unique and distinct and highly relevant approach to economic and social analysis that still rightly bears the name, the ‘Austrian School.'” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Freedom versus Paternalism in the Coming Decade

– January 3, 2021

“There appears to be a groundswell of economic ignorance and stupidity facing us, and even more than usual. What this means for friends of freedom and practitioners of sound, free market economics, however, is a need to redouble our efforts, and not wallow in despair and disappointment. Bad policies inescapably bring about undesirable and counterproductive effects. But their very failures can serve as openings to more reasonable and rational policies looking to the future.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


A Wish For 2021: Roll Back Border Socialism

– January 1, 2021

“If Michael Clemens’ estimates are correct, loosening up immigration restrictions would be the biggest thing we could do to help the world’s poor—and ourselves. In spite of Trump supporters’ worries about “socialism” under a Biden-Harris administration, immigration is one front on which a Biden-Harris victory might have been a victory for freer markets.” ~ Art Carden


When I Knew More Than Hayek

– December 31, 2020

“The main problem with central planning is that a great many dispersed individuals have local knowledge that cannot be collected and processed even by the most noble, intelligent, and hard-working planner. Progress against Covid-19 requires respecting the message of Hayek’s paper, by heeding the local knowledge of doctors fighting Covid-19 in their clinics and hospitals.” ~ Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.