Socialists and their Silly Stories

– April 21, 2020

My dear friend Roger Meiners, Professor of Economics at the University of Texas-Arlington, tells of a former colleague of his whose interpretation of reality should teach us all an important lesson. Roger’s colleague, a devout Marxist, once announced t …


Why Does the Once-Richest Economy in the World Have a PPE Shortage? (Video)

– April 16, 2020

Protectionism with the twist of #COVIDー19 is a very toxic combination, especially in the medical supply trade. When there is a shortage of medical supplies, going out of our way to make them more expensive will hurt people.


The Economy Is Not a Series of Supply Chains

– April 13, 2020

The quest to use protectionism to make us more secure in our health and wealth would sever untold numbers of productive ties that we now have with the global web of economic interconnectedness. The end result would be an America far less secure in its wealth and health.


Keep America Open

– April 6, 2020

Economies, in short, grow the more open and free they are – that is, the further they are from being autarkic. Economies do not grow as a consequence of politicians and mandarins using tariffs, subsidies, and other special privileges to shield domestic producers from foreign competition.


Free Trade and Globalization are Good for Your Health

– March 23, 2020

“Absurd” is way too weak a word to describe the supposition that we Americans possess 100 percent, or even anything close to a majority, of the world’s creative potential.


Adam Smith’s Alleged “Exceptions” to a Policy of Unilateral Free Trade

– March 9, 2020

If you wish to win greater support for a policy proposal, it’s useful to draw your audience’s attention to famous and respected historical figures who, were they still alive, would almost surely join you in supporting that position. For example, if you …