Should We Be Worried about Big Tech?

Should We Be Worried about Big Tech?

– June 8, 2020

“AIER itself has faced throttling by Google, YouTube, and perhaps Twitter, and videos we’ve needed for science-based postings have been deleted. We steadily worked to build our own outlets, preparing for the possibility of full censorship.” ~ Donovan Choy

Devastation Wrought on Small Business

The Devastation Wrought on Small Business

– June 5, 2020

“The brutalism of the initial coronavirus lockdown orders, as well as the soft extension of the quarantine disguised as “Phased Reopenings,” have put SBO’s in an inhumane position. It’s neutered their ability to attract not only patrons, but employees.” ~ Taleed Brown


Resistance Isn’t Futile, It is Necessary

– May 26, 2020

“Resistance is a necessary part of democratic self-governance, and it becomes even more so at a time when all the calls are for increased centralization and the voices of the technocratic elite grow louder and stronger in insisting that such resistance is futile.” ~ Peter Boettke


The FCC’s Treatment of Huawei Is a Tremendous Embarrassment

– December 12, 2019

It’s said about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson that he’s a particularly challenging opponent. With Jackson there’s no preparing for the run or pass; rather there’s preparing for the run, pass, along with the horrifying possibility that Jack …


The Link Between Prosperity and Freedom Is Even Stronger than You Think

– December 6, 2019

Dictatorships or authoritarian regimes (which also tend to be economically unfree) often put a lot of pressure on their bureaucrats to develop the economy and increase output. Thus are their data positively biased.


The Most Beautiful Disruption in Media

– November 11, 2019

You can have your Hulu, your Netflix, your Disney, your Amazon, your YouTube, your movies at the theater, or your dusty old books. Everyone gets to win in a vibrant market order, consumers and producers both.


Lyft’s Job Access Program Shows How the Market Provides Help Government Can’t

– November 1, 2019

Realizing that the ride-sharing app already had a great appeal among people in disadvantaged communities, Lyft took a step further.


How to Ask for a Raise

– October 25, 2019

If you want to renegotiate and ask for different terms, that should be seen as just doing business. If it works, great. If it does not, you have to choose whether to stay.


Why Women Workers Might Be Less Willing to Delegate

– October 13, 2019

People love demographic generalization of the workplace because they simplify what is actually incomprehensibly complex. So the newest study of professional women was destined to go viral: “Women Are Less Likely to Delegate Than Men—and That Might Hurt …


Is There a Science of Progress?

– August 8, 2019

Even if it proves to be an inexact science, the effort is worth undertaking.


Sometimes Helping People Is the Worst Thing You Can Do

– August 1, 2019

The approach of unconditional help regardless of the results doesn’t work in our private lives. How much worse is it when taxpayers are paying the bill?

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The Myth of American Middle-Class Stagnation

– July 29, 2019

In 1975 a ten-cup drip coffee maker cost the ordinary American worker almost 8 hours of work time; today it costs that worker only 45 minutes.