Three Ways that Workers Can Be Underpaid

– July 27, 2020

“The bottom line is clear: government is the largest cause of worker underpayment and open, free markets for labor are the best protection against any kind of underpayment.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


In Praise of Evasive Entrepreneurs

– July 24, 2020

“Evasive Entrepreneurs is a welcome contribution that provides great insights into the regulatory process and the need to protect permissionless innovation. For Thierer, innovation matters because it feeds the engine of economic growth and plays a key role in expanding liberty. But, as he concludes, ‘we will only attain that goal by vociferously defending the freedom to innovate and the entrepreneurial spirit that propels the progress of our civilization.'” ~ Wayne T. Brough


The Make-‘Em-Miserable Hypothesis

– July 24, 2020

“If a careful formulation of the make-em-miserable hypothesis contains an element of truth, correction must come from those whose conduct manifests the phenomenon. They must look carefully, they must look bravely, into what Ronald Coase called ‘the total effect’ of their conduct and beliefs.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


The Latest Investment Fad Is Unsustainable

– July 24, 2020

“Just as Greens can destroy the environment, corporate social responsibility can wreck society while tricking ESG investors to feel good about themselves in the process.” ~ Robert E. Wright

seat belts

Masks, Seatbelts, and Peltzman Effects

– July 22, 2020

“A dose of humility on the part of policy-makers and pundits regarding their abilities would be welcomed. This dose of humility might push them to consider what potentially superior ways of dealing with the outbreak exist.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Welcome to the Frankfurtian World

– July 22, 2020

“Wherever one turns, the political discourse seems entirely uninterested in the Enlightenment project – the values of 17th and 18th century philosophers imploring us to use reason to approach scientific truth and an intelligent and civil society.” ~ Joakim Book


Fear, Tyranny, and the Fairy Tale of Our Times

– July 21, 2020

“Reflecting the national divisions that have only escalated since its release, it illustrates how false stories spread to infect hearts and minds as fatally as a virus. The solution is to reject these fictions and judge for ourselves. As Conall tells Maleficent, ‘I’ve made my choice. Now make yours.'” ~ Caroline Breashears

modern city

Is ‘Capitalism’ Modern?

– July 20, 2020

“Capitalism in this account is not truly modern, inasmuch as something we can describe with that word has existed repeatedly in history. It has usually come to a bad end, because of the way private wealth and fear of losing it has interacted with predatory power, but in the modern world we have avoided that. Only so far however, which is why we must be constantly in campaign mode to keep the show on the road.” ~ Stephen Davies


Individualism and Public Health: Tensions and Challenges

– July 19, 2020

“The aim should be to strictly fence off and limit the scope of coercive public health as both an ideal and a practice. We should think of it as something like a nuclear reactor core – useful, even essential but something that needs to be tightly contained. This is the kind of project and activity that individualists and classical liberals should be engaged in.” ~ Stephen Davies

leftover food

Who Owns Leftover and Abandoned Bar Food?

– July 17, 2020

“Figuring out the exact property rights isn’t worth the hassle: it’s too little and too rare to care about enforcing whatever legal right might be applicable in various jurisdictions. In practice, the ownership of leftover food is up to the social norms in the country you’re in, or even the attitude of the staff at the particular establishment you’re visiting – an informal institution, guided by vague and constantly negotiated social interactions.” ~ Joakim Book

hands, tree

On Externalities and Noise

– July 15, 2020

“There is no world where trade-offs don’t apply, where we can have all the nice things we want without anybody, anywhere, getting upset. Externalities are everywhere, but if we want to live prosperous lives, some part of those lives will be impacted by others. Get over it.” ~ Joakim Book


Who Is Making Decisions about Our Lives

– July 13, 2020

“What reason is there to trust that These People who never look past the next election – and who always ignore consequences that are difficult to see if these consequences are spread over large numbers of individuals – are making a prudently considered trade-off between the lockdown’s costs and its benefits?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux