Mail Slowdowns Started 50 Years Before Trump

– August 18, 2020

“‘The post office has been run poorly for many, many decades,’ Trump declared last week. In a less histrionic era, the Postal Service’s failures could spur Congress to finally remove the roadblocks to private innovation in letter delivery. Instead, the coming delivery debacles may become the conspiratorial RussiaGate of the 2020 election.” ~ James Bovard

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Watchwords that Threaten Liberty

– August 17, 2020

“This does not mean that oppressions, injustices, and ‘privileges’ have not existed and, when present, should not be repealed. But it is necessary to comprehend that, at the end of the day, it is political power, through its legitimized threat and use of force, that has been and is behind virtually all such immoral practices. And that the ideas and ideals of classical liberalism have been and remain the only lasting answers to ending the real social and cultural ills that continue to plague parts of humanity around the world.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Against the Bambi Syndrome: Nature Is Not Nice

– August 12, 2020

“Nature may be pristine, but nature is not friendly. With climate change making nature even less secure, we would do well to let technology and global economic growth protect us. With wealth and technology, we can both tame it and protect against its worst excesses.” ~ Joakim Book

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Self-Censorship and Despotism Over the Mind

– August 10, 2020

“Right now, it is still predominantly the force of social pressures that the cancel culture and identity politics warriors are successfully using in the arenas of education, the arts and entertainment, the media, and industry. But the next logical step will be to move from social pressures to the use of the full political power of the government.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling

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Economic Freedom Is Essential for Managing Pandemics

– August 7, 2020

“There is an important lesson for the future. If one desires the downward trends in the human and economic costs observed over the course of the 20th century to continue, one must push for a greater deal of institutional flexibility. That flexibility is what makes the market’s process of discovery work and makes us more resilient to future shocks.” ~ Vincent Geloso

china tik tok

The Mugging Of TikTok Should Embarrass Every Sentient American

– August 6, 2020

“A Chinese company innovated, met the needs of people around the world, and President Trump responded by threatening a ban of the company before brokering a potential forced sale of the company to an American company. The whole world is watching, Americans. We deserve neither TikTok nor the very Chinese people who, if we’re honest, are trying to be like Americans used to be.” ~ John Tamny


The Gaslighting of the American People

– August 6, 2020

“We can reject gaslighting and insist on regaining our rights, though whether we will forget this nightmare is debatable. Punishing our persecutors is certainly beyond us. A pity.” ~ Caroline Breashears


The Fiscal Centralization of Europe Will Not End Well

– August 5, 2020

“Europe may be experiencing a ‘Hamiltonian moment,’ but the path towards a federal Europe will remain both long and tortuous. Political opposition to the European experiment has been growing as the perceived costs of membership of the EU begins to eclipse the benefits for some members of the Union.” ~ Colin Lloyd


The Economic Performance of Coronavirus Sweden

– July 29, 2020

“Economically, as far as we can tell, Sweden has been comparatively successful, but the projections between various economic institutions and statistics agencies still vary way too much for us to be entirely certain about this. In a year where models and forecasts have been widely off the mark, we should interpret this conservatively.” ~ Joakim Book

clemson football

We Need College Sports This Fall

– July 29, 2020

“The hundreds of thousands of cooperative players, vendors, restaurant and hotel owners, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and untold millions of fans who have suffered personally, socially, and economically since March cannot bear the losses for much longer, let alone face shortened or canceled seasons. This is our chance to learn from the mistakes made with spring and summer sports and continue with the originally planned college football season. The losses already go far beyond losing games.” ~ Evelyn O’Byrne


Peter T. Leeson: A Birthday Appreciation

– July 29, 2020

“Peter T. Leeson is well-positioned to continue making important and creative contributions to our beloved dismal science. His message–that free and creative people have a good track record of solving problems without anyone forcing anyone else to do anything–is as timely now as it was when he was just getting started–but I can’t really imagine a time when it won’t be.” ~ Art Carden

redskins player

The Washington Football Team Should Be Called The Candlemakers

– July 28, 2020

“Bastiat laid bare the absurdity of so many arguments for protection, subsidy (for the stadium the Candlemakers would call home, for example), and regulation. The name would be a perfect homage to the never-ending stream of privilege-seeking supplicants filling the lobbies of Washington and looking for new ways to pick the pockets of their competitors, their customers, and the taxpayers—to say nothing of the grotesque concentration of power and perversion of the very idea of the law that makes it all possible.” ~ Art Carden