The Rise of Capitalism and the Dignity of Labor

– September 26, 2018

Free market liberalism not only has brought about growing prosperity for more of humanity, but has cultivated a more polite and respectful society to accompany the material betterment of the human condition.


Uber Faces Tough Competition

– September 20, 2018

We have all heard the tales of aggressive competitiveness between Uber and Lyft in the United States, with the latter accusing the world’s leading ride-sharing company of unethical behavior. But what you may have not heard is that Uber’s top competitor in India, Ola, is expanding, prompting Uber to seek a merger in other regions to remain on top.


Free Enterprise, Not Free Tuition

– September 17, 2018

Making college free would be a big mistake, but there are ways to help people that combine the power of free markets, the strength of communities, and the value of a good education.


Changing the World Requires Patience

– September 15, 2018

The conditions have to be right to change the world. It takes men and women of great courage and patience. But it can happen. We owe everything to those in the past who have been willing to take that difficult road and dare to both dream and act on those dreams.


An Education in One Evening, Courtesy of Jordan Peterson

– September 8, 2018

Politics promised to give us a meaningful life. It failed. Now we have to find it elsewhere. As the poet Virgil led Dante through Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell, Jordan Peterson is the tour guide of the modern world in its confrontation with our inner selves.


The Good Guys are Winning This

– September 5, 2018

The flourishing of commerce means the flourishing of everything we call civilization.

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The History and Future of Liberalism

– August 22, 2018

Jeffrey Tucker was on this interview with Dave Rubin. Part 2 covers the history of Right Hegelianism and it is coming up. Part 1 here covers the history and meaning of liberalism. 


This Is What Happened to Social Media

– August 21, 2018

The social-media world of the future will not be centralized. It will take many different forms, and the replacement for Facebook is not likely to be a copy. It will be something else entirely, and we can see this already happening. This realization will force us all to come to terms with a reality of the world that social media has heretofore led us to deny: it’s a huge world out there and the varieties of social experience are infinite. Not one of them is perfect. Not one of them is permanent.


Your Ticket to Capitalism Is Free

– August 14, 2018

The consumer surplus that we derive from buying water, and other items, is enormous, almost incalculable.  The fact that all of these products, services, and useful things are available to us at low prices seems automatic, nothing very interesting or important. In fact, the capitalist system operating in the background is performing miracles of production, logistics, and delivery, all to make sure that prices are low.


The Walter Lippmann Colloquium and the Meaning of Liberalism

– August 14, 2018

Eighty years after a remarkable colloquium in 1938, one that tried to assess the crisis of liberalism and what to do about it, the proceedings have finally been published. The results are tremendously revealing. The Walter Lippman Colloquium was indeed a seminal event that set the stage for the postwar liberal revival.   


Everyone Is Missing the Point of 3D-Printed Guns

– August 6, 2018

There is no chance of finally censoring the future with any of the tools that molded the past. It’s done, that great migration from a things-based economy regulated by the state to an idea-based economy regulated only by the choices of the individuals that make up society itself.


Thanks to Capitalism, You Can Now Sleep Sitting Up

– July 30, 2018

This pillow is not only a tribute to good engineering and good sense; it is a credit to a commercial system that enables and rewards innovation in service of the better life.