Rajoy’s Plan for Spain: Conviction or Necessity?

– December 28, 2011

The election of Spain’s new President of Government, Mariano Rajoy, has produced quite a few expectations. His plan seems to go against the tide on some focal points regarding the problems of the European Crisis. Rajoy’s government has been described a …


What the Price of Gold Means

– December 20, 2011

It’s amazing how so many people don’t get gold. It’s only been 40 years since the dollar was completely severed from it’s once proud golden heritage, yet most finance and econ people are wont to consider gold just another commodity—and a not very “usef …


Choose Austerity, Before It Chooses You

– December 15, 2011

Strange and amazing things happen when sovereign debt levels get out of hand. In Europe, the strikes, massive street protests, and riots build energy by the day. The US is not quite at that stage of affairs yet, but large deficits and debt still loom l …


The Irrelevant Dramatics of the Super Committee

– December 2, 2011

“Lord, make me chaste, but not yet.”-St. Augustine I know a guy who’s 130 lbs. overweight, slowly dying from arthrosclerosis and diabetes. He’s been living a slouchy lifestyle for the past 10 years: fast food every night, hasn’t seen the inside of a gy …


Financial Crisis in Europe and Regime Uncertainty

– November 28, 2011

In recent days, Europe has seen two governments fall: the Prime Ministers from Greece and Italy. New governments where formed. Besides these important changes, the financial markets did not calm down; volatility and uncertainty did not go away as forme …


The US Economy is Fedlocked

– November 14, 2011

By all accounts in the news, the FOMC basically threw up its hands at its meeting this week, deciding it can’t do anything constructive to improve economic conditions. The official statement included such downers as: “continuing weakness in overall lab …


(Poison) Ivy League Economists Dis the Gold Standard

– October 16, 2011

As the Wall Street Journal reports, 6 Yale economists convened last week in New Haven to discuss “The State of the U.S. Economy: How Do We Create More Jobs?” Not surprisingly, their answers were straight out of the Keynesian playbook: more stimulus, in …



– August 11, 2011

The turmoils affecting the economics and financial markets in the United States and Europe do not seem to go away as fast as anyone would want to. Those who warned that this may be a crisis with a “W” shape may well be right. The recent downgrade in fr …


Where Is the U.S. Going?

– August 4, 2011

This week was of high political voltage because of the debt ceiling debate. Could the most important economy in the world default its debt? And in such case, what would happen, not only to the United States, but to the worldwide economy, given that we …


A Golden Moment?

– July 25, 2011

Article and photo originally published at The Weekly Standard William Kristol July 24, 2011 Judy Shelton makes the case in the new issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD for the “Gold Standard or Bust.” Sound finances, she points out, require sound money, and so …


The General Assumptions of Policy, Regulation, and Intervention

– July 19, 2011

An open letter to a Washington Post columnist. Dear Mr. Klein, Regarding your article in the Washington Post today, “The dangers of misinterpreting Keynes,” I feel it is important to clear up some misunderstandings that have done great damage to the wo …


Budget Reform in Italy

– July 14, 2011

Italy’s senate approved today a plan to cut government spending for the period 2011-2014. Italy’s public debt is more than 100% of GDP and the fiscal deficit was between 3% to 5.9% of GDP for last year. Similar situation is shared by other European cou …