One Size Never Fits All

– July 10, 2020

“One-size-fits-all solutions in our political discourse are often made to work for every topic globally. Reality is not like that, as both economic and ecologic matters frequently assert.” ~ Joakim Book


The Environmentalist’s Dream Came True

– June 9, 2020

“The environmentalists had a field day during the corona pandemic. The anti-human policies they have called for, protested for, disrupted societies and other people’s lives for, were suddenly implemented en masse, albeit on a temporary basis. Think of it as a trial for green policies.” ~ Joakim Book

You Can Stop Rio Tinto Mining

You Can Stop Rio Tinto Mining…By Paying For It!

– May 30, 2020

“To prevent a mining company from using land sacred to someone else, there exists a payment of money such that the conflict can be resolved. You just have to find it, negotiate it, raise the money – and pay. In the age of vast crowdsourcing and rapid information, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.” ~ Joakim Book


The Unacknowledged Logic of Radical Environmentalism

– May 20, 2020

A common fantasy is that the internet would survive and keep us all together but is exactly that – a total fantasy. Already the internet produces as much carbon emissions as the airline industry.


Michael Moore Acknowledges: There Are No Alternatives to Energy Reality

– May 7, 2020

While Planet of the Humans doesn’t say anything that long-time critics of alternative energy haven’t discussed in more detail, it lifts the green curtain and provides much new and very effective footage of the waste, lies and destruction that prop up the sets on the stage. Among the waste are the bankrupt and collapsed infrastructure of many wind and solar power projects.


Good Riddance to Recycling Trucks

– April 20, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised that curbside recycling has been suspended–for explicitly environmental and epidemiological reasons. Maybe curbside recycling is gone for good, which would free up resources that would then be available to expand the kinds of operations that actually help the environment.