Start Here: Getting Your Financial Life on Track

– July 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX No. 7 | July, 2009 Start Here is a guide to getting what you want and is filled with easy-to-use tools and tactics to organize your financial affairs. by R. D. Norton Click the Archive PDF link below to download your copy no …


Climate Science, Economics, and Policy

– June 1, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, no. 6 | June, 2009Majority opinion and official policies on climate change are over-presumptive, and the expert advisory process that governments have put their trust in is David Henderson


The Value of Economic Advice

– April 27, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, no. 4 | April, 2009When economists leave the academy for Washington, they often change their John H. Wood, AIER Visiting Research Fellow


The AIER Chart Book (2009)

– March 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX No. 3 | March 2009  A picture is worth a thousand words, and our charts reveal important aspects of the changing economy in an accessible visual format. by the AIER Staff


How to Use Credit Wisely

– February 1, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX No. 2 | February 2009A borrower’s guide to financial health covering the basics of surviving the world of credit.By Polina Vlasenko, AIER Research Fellow


The AIER Cost-of-Living Guide 2009

– January 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX | January 2009 By AIER Research Staff


Bird Flu Economics

– December 1, 2008

Economic BulletinVol. XLVIII No. 12 | December, 2008Studies by economists around the world indicate that a severe and widespread bird flu outbreak striking the U.S. could involve seriousillness. It could affect up to 40 percent of the population and ca …


The Lasting Legacies of World War I

– November 1, 2008

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLVIII No. 11 : November, 2008 This November marks the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I. The war ushered in a period of big government and paper money inflations. The most devastating examples were the hyperinflations i …


Is Social Justice Just?

– October 1, 2008

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLVIII No. 10 | October, 2008 There is a tension between traditional justice and the modern concept of social justice. At issue are the basic values of civil society, including the notion of free will and the idea of individual r …


What Your Car Really Costs

– September 1, 2008

What Your Car Really Costs: How to Keep a Financially Safe Driving Record


How to Read a Financial Statement

– August 1, 2008

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLVIII No. 8 | August, 2008 by the Editorial Staff


A Plan to Replace the Welfare State

– July 1, 2008

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLVIII No. 7 : July, 2008 This article is based on an address by Charles Murray to the Progress Foundation’s 26th Economic Conference, in Zurich, Switzerland, April 24, 2008. by Charles Murray, the W.H. Brady Scholar at the Ameri …