The U.S. Debt and Debt-Downgrade

– September 1, 2011

Economic Bulletin Vol. LI, no. 9 | September. 2011 The downgrade of the once-unassailable U.S. debt will have ripple effects around the world. A team of AIER economists take a reading of the big picture. by Steven R. Cunningham, PhD, Director of Resear …


The Euro’s Problems Are Fundamental

– August 1, 2011

Theories abound about why the Eurozone’s currency is flawed. But most diagnoses ignore the simple source of the euro’s problems: It’s fiat money.


Replacing the Dollar

– May 1, 2011

Economic BulletinVol. LI, no. 5 | May, 2011Changing the reserve currency will do little to alter a pattern of intensifying financial instability. A far better approach to global and domestic swings lies closer to Margaret L. Greene


AIER Annual Report 2010

– April 1, 2011

Economic BulletinVol. LI, no. 4 | April, 2011by AIER Staff


The Five Pillars of Money

– March 1, 2011

Economic BulletinVol. LI, no. 3 | March, 2011A successful monetary system must fulfill certain basic social Steven R. Cunningham, PhD, AIER Director of Research and Education


Is China’s Growth Rate Sustainable?

– February 1, 2011

Economic BulletinVol. LI, no. 2 | February, 2011At first glance, it seems inevitable that the People’s Republic will soon become the world’s largest economy. But a closer look reveals considerable Craig J. Richardson, PhD, Visiting Researc …


Start Here: Getting Your Financial Life on Track

– January 29, 2011

Economic Bulletin Copyright @ 2011 Start Here is a guide to getting what you want and is filled with easy-to-use tools and tactics to organize your financial affairs. by R. D. Norton Click the Archive PDF link below to download your copy now.


The AIER Cost-of-Living Guide

– January 1, 2011

Economic Bulletin Vol. LI, January 2011 Average annual inflation for 2010 hovers around 1.6 percent. by AIER staff


Money and Marriage: How to Choose a Financially Compatible Spouse

– December 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. L, No. 12 | December, 2010Financial compatibility is critical for a successful marriage. Yet money is a taboo subject of discussion for many people in our Michael Sion


The World’s Most Profitable Company

– November 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L, no. 11 | November, 2010 The Fed’s profits from interest on its holdings soared after 2007. But so did the risks from its purchases of toxic assets. Its accounting methods understate these risks.  


Follow the Money

– October 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. L, No. 10 | October, 2010A citizen’s primer on how to work with local officials on the heart and soul of government: the budget.By Lynndee Kemmet 


College Destinations Index: 2010-11 Edition

– September 1, 2010

College Destinations Index: 2010-11 EditionVol. L, no. 9 | September, 2010The index subdivides more than 360 metropolitan statistical areas into four tiers based on population size. We then rank the top scoring destinations in each tier according to 12 …