Uber Eats Set to Beat GrubHub, but Will Washington Let It?

– February 13, 2019

And as Uber Eats becomes one of the strongest players in the industry, despite its origin as a ride-sharing app, it’s become even clearer that when there’s a need, the market will find a way to make it possible. And it’s the customer who benefits as a result.


Consumers Can’t Wait for Amazon to Get Into Cryptocurrency, Legal Weed

– February 11, 2019

The site learned that of the 1,013 Amazon users it polled, 36.7 percent said they would be comfortable purchasing Amazon-branded prescription drugs while 16 percent said they would use a virtual doctor-visit service from Amazon.


Fast Fashion on Its Last Legs — Thank Millennials

– February 11, 2019

As millennials struggle to put their money to work, still dreaming of owning homes but not being able to, they find it difficult to prioritize anything that won’t offer them real value in the long run. As expected, fast fashion is one of the first items to fall to the bottom of their list of wishes.


Millennials Are Killing the Funeral Industry With Help From the State

– January 30, 2019

Millennials, it seems, are killing yet another industry. Considering the new “victim” is the funeral home market, one can’t help but wonder if that’s not a positive change. Still, there’s a lot more to this sped-up “death” than meets the eye, especially if you look at how powerful the funeral lobby has been in the past.


Netflix May Not Worry About the Competition, but Consumers Reap the Benefits Anyway

– January 28, 2019

Netflix may have started as a modest streaming service, giving viewers the opportunity to consume entertainment that only large TV and Hollywood studios could produce. But as consumers started ditching traditional cable packages for internet streaming, Netflix became a giant in its own right, producing big entertainment for all segments of the population.


Fyre Festival Restaurant Owner Gets a Hand From Private Initiative

– January 24, 2019

Scheduled to take place in April and May 2017, the Fyre Festival became a cautionary tale about events hyped by social media influencers. But as it turned out, it also became a great example of how civil society can use technology for good.


No, Government Has No Business Regulating Loot Boxes

– January 20, 2019

When governments try to take responsibility away from consumers, they do more harm than good by teaching them they are vulnerable victims who should rely on regulators to tell them what’s safe and what’s not.


Thanks to Their Student Loans, Millennials Expect to Die in Debt

– January 13, 2019

While many of the news outlets reporting on these findings urge young people to get a plan in place so they can pay off their debt, the reality is that government’s push to give everyone a college education is what has greatly contributed to young people’s debt load. And what’s worse, degrees are not actually helping many young people get a job.


France’s and Austria’s Digital Taxes Will Only Hurt Consumers

– January 11, 2019

While people in France and Austria might not be completely aware that this added tax will actually hurt them in the long run, authorities in those two countries should be reminded that the digital tax is nothing but an additional burden on the consumer; pretending the plan is about fairness will not fly.


What Clemency for Cyntoia Brown Means for Other Victims Of Child Abuse

– January 9, 2019

The fact that Brown was convicted before juvenile sentencing guidelines in Tennessee changed made her case even more heartbreaking. After all, Brown wouldn’t have been tried the same way under the current system.  


Uber’s Self-Driving Tech Is Back — Here’s What It Means for the Disabled

– January 7, 2019

Uber is not just helping common people by expanding their earning possibilities, it’s also giving folks with disabilities a shot at being more productive and independent, especially now that it’s back at testing its self-driving car technology.


Experts Say Amazon Has Its Eye on Acquiring Target

– December 13, 2018

The Whole Foods brand has grown and Amazon’s stock soared. More importantly, this takeover woke up retail giants such as Kroger, whose stock suffered a great hit following the purchase. So when experts alerted the world early in 2018 that Amazon was going to purchase Target as well, everyone paid attention.