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What Is a Price?

– February 6, 2018

The large drop in financials of all sorts – both conventional and crypto – have people wondering what went wrong. What could have triggered this stunning sell off? What has spooked the markets? When there are no obvious answers, and there really aren’t this time around, it tempts people to believe that markets themselves are broken. Surely prices should behave more rationally and predictably. There is no justification for prices to swing this much.  But actually, a price is a point of agreement. No more, no less. It cannot be deconstructed. It cannot be understood apart from human choice. It has no moral component to it at all. It is not about equality, justice, labor, or cost. It is just a price. Every price in a market is the right price, right now. Whatever the price is in an hour, day, week, or year, is also the right price.


A Bill to Ease California’s Housing Shortage

– February 1, 2018

Citizens care about rents, and legislators will continue to bring bills to alleviate them until the pressure is gone. This bill would ease a variety of restrictions on properties near transit stations and bus stops with frequent service.

Cayman Island

Tax Havens Put EU States to Shame

– January 31, 2018

In the face of true economic competition, the European Union is showing increasingly totalitarian tendencies toward those who offer better economic conditions than its member states.


Central Bank or Not, Fractional-Reserve Bitcoin Violates Sound Money

– January 29, 2018

A common misconception is that the only problem with current money is the central bank, and that once we abolish government control everything is going to be fine. However, a sound-money regime has to provide for the consistent time structure of property rights in money.


Socialists Must Own Up to Venezuela

– January 26, 2018

So long as there are those who believe in socialism, we will always run the risk that they will do to us what their ideological brethren did to Venezuela.


Bettina Bien Greaves, Faithful Servant of History

– January 24, 2018

She had a beautiful and blunt way about her, never sugar-coating the history but always inspired by an ideal she fell in love with and never gave up: the idea that human freedom is the right principle for the good society.


Feds Mandate Infrastructure Wages, Line Union Pockets

– January 24, 2018

Market advocates have a golden opportunity to not only reign in federal spending but to introduce much-needed privatization in the infrastructure sector.


Teacher Pensions Divert Resources from School Maintenance

– January 22, 2018

Politicians who ignore pension reform, sapping funds from facilities maintenance, should be replaced. These are real choices for school boards and for taxpayers, between accountability for maintenance and deterioration through thousands of little instances of neglect — choices that could avert situations like the one we see in Baltimore.

Tide Pods

Ban on Tide Pods Would Epitomize Nanny State

– January 20, 2018

Although it’s obvious that eating laundry detergent, drinking way too much sugar, or consistently throwing away plastic isn’t good for you or the environment, it isn’t the job of the government to tell us what to do or how to live.


Uncle Sam Trembles at a Chinese Whisper

– January 17, 2018

With a mere whisper about reconsidering their investments in US Treasury bonds, Beijing rattled Wall Street and — if ever so briefly — raised our interest rates.


Dismantling the Myth of Scandinavian Exceptionalism

– January 13, 2018

The capital stock built in the 19th century allowed countries like Sweden to finance generous welfare states. Socialist sympathizers overlook this point and put the cart before the horse.


Beat Entitlements before Boosting Defense

– January 12, 2018

It is simply not possible to grow defense spending without substantial, cost-curbing reforms to the rest of the federal budget.