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Global Money Supply Growth and the Great Inflation Getaway

– June 30, 2020

“Maintenance of the level of employment rather than inflation has become the focus of official policy everywhere. Stimulus will continue until employment is restored to its pre-crisis level and there remains a colossal debt overhang to temper inflationary tendencies, but there is a real and present danger that, in the process of returning the economy to full-employment, consumer price inflation will get away.” ~ Colin Lloyd

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The Reluctant Fed

– June 26, 2020

“Fed officials should follow the example set by Ben Bernanke. They should be ‘extremely reluctant’ to engage in facilities like the MSLP, SMCCF, and PMCCF. Such programs are ‘outside the range of [the Fed’s] responsibilities.’ They are fiscal policies that ‘are best resolved by Congress’ since they require ‘balancing political and social priorities.'” ~ Thomas L. Hogan

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COVID-19 Made the Federal Reserve Sick

– June 24, 2020

“The change in the Fed’s mandate is not something we can afford to ignore. Its new policies come with significant economic and political costs. If we do not come to grips with them, the Fed might not be able to help much when the next crisis hits.” ~ Alexander W. Salter

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The ExIm Bank is Still the Bank of Boeing

– June 22, 2020

“The bank has a long track record of serving mostly large foreign and domestic airlines in higher income nations, and distorting capital markets to fund projects that would likely be funded otherwise. It’s called cronyism.” ~ Veronique de Rugy

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The Fed Is Not Independent, But It Should Be

– June 19, 2020

“To be an effective central bank, the Fed must strive to remain independent of short-term political influence. A strict separation of monetary and fiscal policies helps bolster central bank independence.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan

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The Fed Can’t Revive the Dead, But It Can Delay Their Recovery

– June 17, 2020

“Central planning was tried in the 20th century, and it failed miserably. As evidenced by the U.S. economy’s dynamism, the Fed’s actual power is a fraction of what its supporters and critics both presume.” ~ John Tamny