Some Great Books for Stuffing Stockings

– December 16, 2019

This is a lucky day for those of you who have procrastinated until the last minute to finish your Christmas shopping: I offer here a list of seven superb books published in 2019 that your open-minded friends and family members are sure to love. Deirdre …


Growth Is Good

– December 12, 2019

In his 2018 book Stubborn Attachments, Tyler Cowen defends a thesis that is likely to be as unpopular as it is misunderstood: over the long run, differences in growth rates swamp just about everything. Therefore, increased economic growth is a moral im …


Bourbon for Breakfast After 10 Years

– November 19, 2019

It was last year when I was invited to address a dinner party. I arrived to find a copy of this book at every place setting. I was momentarily mortified: this is surely not my best material. What even is in this book? This attitude does reflect my outl …


Bourbon for Breakfast: How to Love Liberty and Love Life

– November 19, 2019

Are you bothered by bureaucrats, but do you still love life? If so, Bourbon for Breakfast is for you. Jeffrey Tucker’s essays are a masterful parody of government and a celebration of little things that make the world a better place. Murray Rothbard re …


Why Is AIER Publishing Karl Marx?

– October 14, 2019

Reading the source helps you find the root errors and not get buffeted about by fake arguments that turn up on the news daily. In general, this task just granted me more confidence in a similar way that reading the right-Hegelians did.


A Book and a Message that Can Save the World

– August 21, 2019

The word over time became corrupted, and still is to a great extent, by people who try to enlist their pet cause in the idea. But nothing can take away that great first principle of liberalism: that society can manage itself to bringing dignity to the lives of individuals and communities without overlords scripting and planning.


Want to End Book-Selling Scams? Stop Relying on Copyrights

– August 9, 2019

Outdated intellectual property (IP) laws severely restrict the production of books and material that should be easily accessible to the public.


A Measly Five Bucks to Bust Out of the Ideological Bubble

– July 26, 2019

Apparently nobody, not even the Gray Lady, rigorously fact checks anymore. Or is it that only books reviewed in a few elite outlets count and none happen to critique finance from the non-left? Heck, I can almost hear the editors ask themselves: Only people on the left write the right kind of books, right?

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Presenting: The Best of Ludwig von Mises

– July 16, 2019

Learning from Mises is a lifelong project.


These are Not Just Opinions

– May 30, 2019

Financial Exclusion is my nineteenth book and the vetting, editing, and publishing processes with AIER far surpassed those of the commercial and university presses I have published with previously.


The Market Loves You; Why You Should Love It Back

– May 14, 2019

The institutional setting in which human relationships become real in our lives is the market. The moral aesthetic of the market is lovely. It fosters love. It needs love.

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Revolution and Counterrevolution

– April 9, 2019

The conceptual breakdown of revolution/counterrevolution is vastly better than any modern typology that too often distracts from the key issue: the place of power in our lives.