Bitcoin Exchange Regulations in China: Growing Pains?

– February 16, 2017

In recent weeks, Chinese regulators have taken a stronger interest in bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was the first major application of blockchain technology and that we have recently highlighted in this blog.


A Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund

– February 9, 2017

Many individuals would like exposure to bitcoin but do not want to complicate their finances with a bitcoin wallet


Blockchain: Innovating Our Way to Economic Freedom?

– February 8, 2017

Those who dream of a world with greater economic freedom have traditionally relied on the pen, the ballot box, and sometimes the sword to effect change. But a relatively new technology called blockchain may make the computer a potent tool to achieve greater liberty.


Blockchain and Gold-Backed Money

– February 6, 2017

In his 1963 treatise on gold and free banking titled, “What has Government Done to Our Money?,” economist Murray N. Rothbard envisions a system of private and competing warehouses storing customers’ gold and issuing receipts that could be exchanged as …


Bitcoin’s Halving – Good or Bad News for Investors?

– July 14, 2016

The disappointing performance of the global financial markets this year has left many investors looking for better opportunities. Therefore, an investment like Bitcoin may catch their eyes. After all, its price has jumped from about $430 in January to about $660 today (July 14), a growth rate of slightly more than 50 percent


2014 Sound Money Rankings: the bottom of the list

– January 5, 2015

As several of the worse performing currencies are in countries where the government manipulates statistics and exchange rates, it is not easy to come up with a perfect ranking. Using the inflation rate is a good approximation. In Venezuela the official …


Realizing Bitcoin’s potential

– July 22, 2014

Governments around the world are grappling with what to do with Bitcoin — the cryptocurrency that has attracted enthusiasts worldwide, endured the bankruptcy of one major exchange (Tokyo-based Mt. Gox), and puzzled fans and detractors alike with regard …


Bitcoin: A New Medium of Exchange or a New Investment Vehicle?

– July 21, 2014

By Tien Nguyen Bitcoin has been a significant innovation of electric money for the past five years and with a fascinating and breakthrough characteristic, it is undoubtedly true that Bitcoin is marking a whole new turning point in money’s features, par …


Good Money Is Real Money

– November 5, 2012

One of the key pillars to returning money to the people, as Ron Paul mentions in a new edition of The Case for Gold which will be released this week for free to Laissez Faire members, is to undo government’s monopoly on money creation.


The European Central Bank on Bitcoins

– November 2, 2012

I have finally had a chance to read in full the unsigned report by the European Central Bank that I mentioned earlier this week. The report is quite impressive. The report clearly states the advantages of Bitcoins versus current credit/debit cards:


Why Apple is Afraid of Bitcoin

– June 18, 2012

When you finally grasp the magnitude of Apple’s play in the payments business, it becomes clear that potential competitors will be shunned from the platform.