Bitcoin Financial Literacy and Crypto-Twitter

– September 30, 2020

“It is sad to see an excited gambler sell their house to go all-in on a longshot, whether that be on lottery tickets or on cryptocurrencies. It is shameful to encourage such behaviors. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are a game. Play responsibly.” ~ J.P. Koning


AMPLs and YAMs aren’t Monies; They are Gambling Technologies

– August 30, 2020

“It’s hard to see why AMPL or YAM could ever replace a dollar. While the price of these tokens is relatively benign, their quantity fluctuates wildly. So the total purchasing power of AMPLs (or YAMs) held in one’s wallet is quite volatile despite the purchasing power of a given AMPL (or YAM) being stable. Put plainly, these aren’t dollar substitutes.” ~ J.P. Koning


In Defense of Bitcoin Billionaires

– August 7, 2020

“It’s refreshing to read an account of early Bitcoin – not the programming, the cryptography, or the scandals, but the dreamy futurists and their financiers.” ~ Joakim Book


There Will Be No New Bitcoin Man

– May 16, 2020

We live with many of these so-called shortcomings – ignorance, present bias, expansive financial services, pleasure-seeking consumerism, price stability – because we want to and because our psychology and biology implores us to. Not, as bitcoin bros would have you believe, because of fiat money regimes.


Bitcoin’s Disappointing Performance Shows Why Having a Good Product Is Not Enough

– March 25, 2020

Developers, miners, and other players in the Bitcoin community should not let the next opportunity to make the blockchain-based currency useful pass. Bitcoin can’t be the asset many of its developers want it to be without incentivizing the type of curiosity needed to change deeply held beliefs.


The Satoshi Revolution by Wendy McElroy

– February 28, 2020

Wendy McElroy, from her past studies of history and her current deep dive into crypto-technology, understands the power of ideas. Bitcoin and all that is related to it are among the most revolutionary ideas in history.


Are All Cryptocurrencies Pyramid Schemes?

– February 27, 2020

All moneys and valuable items are pyramid schemes, and all holders of money and valuable items hope that the next person in line will pay more for them. That’s how monetary balances work. No big deal.


Why Is Maduro Pushing the Petro?

– February 20, 2020

Why would the Venezuelan government prefer the petro? Three reasons stand out.


Choice in Currency for Valentine’s Day

– February 12, 2020

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, who better to ask than an economist? In 1993, Yale economist Joel Waldfogel published a famous paper on the optimal gift-giving strategy. His assessme …


Blockchain Could Have Prevented the Iowa Caucus Debacle

– February 6, 2020

Iowa Democrats could have simply transferred a predetermined sum of Bitcoin to signal which candidate received their precinct’s delegates. Had they done so, the blockchain’s public ledger would have conveyed the necessary information in a transparent, …


Greetings from the Bitcoin Mansions

– February 1, 2020

Bitcoin’s monetary dreamworld does look rather fanciful and full of strange beliefs: a land of fairies, castles and – I imagine – princesses, a land, writes Jemina Kelly at Financial Times, “where bunk and baloney thrive.”


Bitcoin Is Quantitatively Tightening

– January 22, 2020

In light of the broader field of monetary policy worldwide, the upcoming Halvening will come at a particularly auspicious juncture.