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The Power of Small Amounts of New Information

– December 10, 2015

I noted an interesting exercise in how new information, even in small doses, can change peoples’ behavior, during my recent visit to the Southern Economic Association annual meeting.


Americans Still Love Their Big Vehicles

– December 9, 2015

Even with a push toward fuel economy and cleaner vehicles, American consumers still turn toward bigger models when gas prices drop. That’s one conclusion from this year’s auto sales, which are on pace to break the all-time record set in 2000.


Six Rules to Customize Your Retirement Spending Plan

– December 8, 2015

Figuring out how much money to save for retirement is only the first step. How much can you reasonably spend per year? The answer, says Research Fellow Luke Delorme, is as unique as the retiree. The American Institute for Economic Research has created a new retirement withdrawal calculator that lets retirees consider several important factors that will affect how much you should spend each year.


The Implications of Another Strong Jobs Report

– December 7, 2015

A strong November Employment Report plus upward revisions to the blowout October report suggest the economy has good momentum in the always-important fourth quarter.


A Zen Approach to Long-term Investing

– December 4, 2015

There is one core tenet to my investment philosophy: Focus on important factors that you can control.


Small Businesses Can Outperform Big Competitors

– December 3, 2015

I’ve recently been talking to successful small business owners about what allows them to prosper when facing competition from larger firms or national chains.  In a diverse array of industries including retail, manufacturing and financial services, business owners tend to report three things they do better than larger competitors.


Beware of Surprise Medical Bills

– December 2, 2015

You can do everything right when it comes to health insurance: Buy adequate coverage. See in-network doctors. And go to in-network hospitals. But you can still be liable for enormous medical bills.


Yellow Flag From Manufacturing

– December 1, 2015

Amid other signs pointing to economic strength, the manufacturing sector is showing some weakness, according to a monthly report released today.


AIER Rankings Featured in Fortune, Business Insider

– November 30, 2015

Our College Destinations Index, our annual ranking of best places to live for college students, has been garnering attention from some prominent publications since its release last week.


Minimum Wage: Fact Checking the Fact Checking

– November 25, 2015

Why do economists seem to be so unsure about the effect of raising the minimum wage?


Investing: Don’t Pay for Past Performance

– November 24, 2015

Investing for retirement should be a long-term process. It would be nice to extrapolate meaning from three- or five-year performance, but more often than not we may actually be chasing returns that are likely to regress to the mean in the future.


Top U.S. Metro Areas for College Students

– November 23, 2015

Today, the American Institute for Economic Research ranked the top U.S. metropolitan areas for college students. The annual AIER ranking is based on 11 criteria that gauge each area’s cultural and economic qualities.