Pertinent Category: Daily Economy

A Winter of Less Discontent Than We Originally Thought

– May 27, 2016

New data out this morning show it appears that the economy’s slowdown earlier this year was not as drastic as we initially concluded.


In Praise of Iowa City

– May 26, 2016

Today we highlight Iowa City, which took first place in the smallest cities division of our Employment Destinations Index.


Knight-Bagehot Fellows: Top Journalists Visit AIER

– May 25, 2016

Four members of AIER’s research staff shared their expertise and the results of some recent research with mid-career journalists who visited our campus earlier this month. They delivered their lectures to Columbia University Knight-Bagehot Fellows in Economics and Business Journalism.


Stronger New Home Sales Are a Good Sign

– May 24, 2016

New home sales showed strength in April, rising 16.6 percent to 619,000, according to new data out from the Commerce Department this morning. It was the biggest monthly increase since 1992, and the highest seasonally adjusted annual rate since the start of 2008. The increase was well above analyst expectations.


Find Your Way to San José

– May 23, 2016

Today we shine a spotlight on San José, California, which took the top spot in the midsize category of our Employment Destinations Index, which we released earlier this month. The index ranked American cities by the attributes that are most attractive to young college graduates.  The nine-factor formula centers on demographics, economics and quality of life.


What Is an Associate Degree Worth?

– May 20, 2016

The most commonly discussed higher education decision is whether to attend four-year college. This is important, but even today only a third of Americans over age 25 have a bachelor’s degree.


Economic Wellness: Why We Struggle To Save Money

– May 19, 2016

We often think of savings as putting money away for big long-term goals, such as a child’s education or our own retirement.


Does Government Spending Contribute to the Economy?

– May 18, 2016

When governments spend more money than they bring in, they create budget deficits.


Our Economic Model Shows Weakness, Stability

– May 17, 2016

Here at AIER, we use our data-driven Business-Cycle Conditions model as a barometer of the health of the economy, and the risk of recession. Last month, we saw quite a shift downward, as our index of leading indicators fell below the neutral level of 50 for the first time in 110 months. Today we are releasing this month’s results, and our model shows the Leaders index unchanged at 38.


Online Shopping Gives the Economy A Lift

– May 16, 2016

The American consumer is a big part of what has kept the economy expanding despite headwinds from abroad and a sluggish energy market.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Market

– May 13, 2016

I’ve found that I started sleeping better at night once I stopped trying to beat the market. The reality is that “beating the market” might be impossible.


What Should the Minimum Wage Be?

– May 12, 2016

In recent years we’ve heard many arguments in favor of raising the federal minimum wage significantly above its current level of $7.25 an hour. Some states (New York and California are the largest example) have adopted legislation mandating an increase in the state minimum wage. In most cases, the proponents of higher minimum wage argue that it should be set at $15 an hour. But why $15?