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AIER Rankings Featured in Fortune, Business Insider

– November 30, 2015

Our College Destinations Index, our annual ranking of best places to live for college students, has been garnering attention from some prominent publications since its release last week.


Minimum Wage: Fact Checking the Fact Checking

– November 25, 2015

Why do economists seem to be so unsure about the effect of raising the minimum wage?


Investing: Don’t Pay for Past Performance

– November 24, 2015

Investing for retirement should be a long-term process. It would be nice to extrapolate meaning from three- or five-year performance, but more often than not we may actually be chasing returns that are likely to regress to the mean in the future.


Top U.S. Metro Areas for College Students

– November 23, 2015

Today, the American Institute for Economic Research ranked the top U.S. metropolitan areas for college students. The annual AIER ranking is based on 11 criteria that gauge each area’s cultural and economic qualities.


The Tale of Two Food Prices

– November 20, 2015

Agricultural commodity prices, the inputs to finished foods, have declined notably over the last year, but consumers are only experiencing the beneficial effects of that at the grocery store – not at restaurants.


AIER a Destination for Financial Journalists

– November 19, 2015

Expanding our outreach to financial and economic journalists, AIER recently hosted the 2015 symposium on health care economics, sponsored by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.  The three-day event took place on our beautiful, historic Western Massachusetts campus from November 8 to 10 and brought  together health care reporters with distinguished researchers and academics.  


Bite-Sized Financial Planning

– November 18, 2015

All too often, I talk to someone looking for financial advice and they don’t know where to start. I was talking with a friend recently who wanted some advice on what investments to hold for retirement. As I talked to him more, I realized that asset allocation was the least of his worries.


Making Sense of the New Medicare Premiums

– November 17, 2015

The budget deal recently adopted by Congress and signed by the president includes a provision that affects Medicare premiums in 2016 and possibly 2017. Essentially, it makes the Medicare premiums smaller than they otherwise would have been, but larger than they are now, for some Medicare beneficiaries. Read on to find out why this was necessary and who it will affect.


AIER Forecasts a Happy Holiday Spending Season

– November 16, 2015

The American Institute for Economic Research is projecting a robust holiday spending season this year, with a good chance to post the strongest gains since the Great Recession.


Helping Students Understand Government Budgets

– November 13, 2015

Our Teach-the-Teachers program, which helps high school teachers create lessons in economics, includes a section on government budgets. In an interactive manner, we look at federal, state, and local budgeting processes, revenues and expenditures. One of the teachers from 2015 program, Kerry Hartley from Canton High School in Connecticut, decided to adapt this lesson to her 12th grade government class by asking her students to look at their school district budget.


Private Sector Job Openings Expand

– November 12, 2015

This morning provided more evidence that the economic expansion is still on track, and remains on a trend of slow improvement, rather than some of the outsized expectations that came with Friday’s blockbuster jobs numbers.


Tempering the Optimism

– November 10, 2015

This morning we got our first bit of new economic data since Friday’s blockbuster jobs report, and it was more muted than one might have expected.